7 Sultans Casino - Refusing me promised bonus after I made my deposit

z1982q Sweden
posted on May 16, 2016.

They first gave me 50% deposit bonus up to 1000SEK in the chat. After my deposit she told me that she added the bonus. So I closed the chat and updated the browser. "No bonus there". So I started the chat again and the refused me the bonus just because I had a great run on my last deposit. They could tell me this before I made my deposit. Unfare!

posted on May 17, 2016.

Hi Anders

I have reviewed the communication you had with us.

The offer extended to you should have been honored and we have now done so. You will also receive confirmation from one of our Floor Managers.

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and that you had to resort to the forum to have the issue resolved.


Fortune Lounge

z1982q Sweden
posted on May 19, 2016.

Floor manager took contact on email and they gave me the bonus. Issue is solved.

posted on May 20, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.