21 Grand Casino - Refusal to pay bonus winings

stakako Montenegro
posted on January 8, 2015.

Casino gave me 10e casino bonus.I vagare bonus live Support they told me i can withdraw money 100e for bonus if I deposit 25e,and than I can withdraw the deposit plus 100e.
But money can be withdrawn only after casino verify account.I sent a message 15 days ago [email protected] still waiting for an answer.Live support we always said that they will send a mesage to the financial department,but it does not help.I tried to deposit the money 25e over Visa but he refused me because it says that my account is not verified..

Every day I ask live support why would not casino approve verification,until today when casino lock the account without explanation.Because casino do not want to get my winnings..

To be quiet honest, I believe, that this specific casino is not too happy to pay out and looking for excuses.

stakako Montenegro
posted on January 12, 2015.

They will not reply to my message,casino is not too happy to pay winings.I would ask you not to hold in this site theirs affiliate links,because if someone else cheat.