Problem with EuroGrand Casino

posted on October 4, 2012.

Hello everyone. I have a problem with Eurogrand casino. I registered real money account, gambled and risked my money and won some there. After meeting wagering requirements I requested a withdrawal. Then I was asked to provide documentation which is necessary for this procedure. For a very long time my docs could not be delivered because of some problem with the address that they provided.When they finally managed to receive my documents I got a message from support team that my account balance is reset. Without any proper explanation.

Statement that I have breached terms and conditions is not a proper explanation, from my point of view. When I tried to find out what exactly happened and what terms I actually breached according to them I got a rough answer that again explained nothing. Moreover when I continued my attempts I got an answer that casino won't explain anything and I would be better stop trying to do so because it is meaningless. It is not a matter of 5$ dollars you know. It is good sum of money which everyone I guess would like to spend. I just want my money back and adequate communication between the casino and the customer.

posted on November 15, 2012.

This complaint is not solved at all as I haven't got any answer from them. And please tell me why do I need to reply first? Why not the casino?