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Pokie Place Casino - Not paying my withdrawal


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Pokie Place Casino


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Posted on July 29, 2021


I registered at this casino before reading the reviews and complaints made by other players. They all seem seem to be having the issue of not receiving their funds. I am having the same issue.

My vip manager offered me a deposit bonus for my deposit and I won some money after completely wagering the bonus amount. Amounted contesting - 2292 euro

I tried to request my withdrawal on July 19th, but I noticed it was the wrong btc address they listed, so I contacted them and let them know to change my btc address, they said it was "fine", and to request the withdrawal anyways and let them know regarding the right btc address. Okay so I did this.

A few days later my VIP manager credits me a free 50$ chip, and offers me another deposit bonus. I told him I should wait for my withdrawal to come in before I make a another deposit. His response was not to worry about it and that my withdrawal will be processed soon and will receive the funds soon.

During the last three days, I have contacted the VIP manager , their customer support, and the accounting/payments team ! Guess what , I haven't received any emails from their department.

We are at another week now, my pending withdrawal has not left the "pending" stage. After coming to askgamblers to read reviews, I noticed I am being played just like other players who posted about not receiving their payment.

Askgamblers can you help ?