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PokerStars Casino - Verification issues despite sending all documents

Complaint Info
Disputed casino PokerStars Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount $ 200
Posted on January 3, 2020

The gaming operator took a transfer of 200$ from my debit card and immediately after that they locked my account for verification.

The game client tells me that "These security checks are usually completed within minutes". In my case I received an email from them requesting pictures of identity documents and utility bills. I supplied them on the same day. I did not receive a response from them. After two days I inquired about the status of the verification and did not receive any response. After third email And messaging them on Twitter I got a response however it was my fault I send a print screen from a mobile phone and they said they don’t accept print screen however I have send new documents in including a PDF file as they requested and a passport. This honestly so stressful I didn’t even want to file a complaint but it seemed like this is the only way to get a quicker response

At that point they finally told that they did not accept the utility bill picture I sent. Seemingly they had zero interest on informing me about that before I continuously contacted them via multiple routes. I submitted new utility bill picture immediately.

After that they didn't do anything to inform me about the process or contact me. I did another chat on Dec 9th where a customer service representative told me that they would reinstate my account in 15min. I has now been several hours since that and my account is still "locked for verification".

I do understand that the verification may Take some time but this is to much time for a site so established.

Now they do not communicate proactively.

The whole process of first taking my money transfer and then locking up my account so that they have the money and I can't use it, is very oddly designed. If they want to do verifications, they could deny the transfer and request for identity verification. And when verification is done, then the customer could do a transfer

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