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PokerStars Casino - Account blocked for over a month

Complaint Info
Disputed casino PokerStars Casino
Reason Account closure
Posted on June 20, 2019

In early May I got the notification that my account has been frozen.

I followed all the procedures to get my account unlocked. I emailed them, send them my proof of verification (i.d. and official document).

It always took them over a week to respond to my mails.

Early June (my account had been blocked for over a month then) I finally got an answer. They told me my account was associated with players they have an issue with. They asked me to explain my association with them.

I do not know these players. I do not have any association with them. I live in a big shared apartment, the only thing I can imagine is me sharing my IP with complete strangers.

I told them this as well. And now I haven't heard anything of them for over 2 weeks.

The amount of time going over this is getting ridiculous. I just want the money back that is still on the frozen account. How, if they keep ignoring me?

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