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888 Casino - Closed my account without saying why, refused to refund deposit

Posted on May 31, 2018

Hi Askgambler team, I need to ask you to help what i can do about my case because i am helpless. I open the account to 888casino november 2017 take wellcome bonus and play tree deposit an all lose , thats is okay.
Then i come back this casino this month and starting play again i take tree deposit and lose all. Then last week i deposit (with no bonus) 200eur and my luck change. I win 650eur so my balance was 850eur. Suddenly last sunday my accoun was closet and i cant log in anymore. I tell my real information use same paypall deposit and same email adress my real name and all real true.

I send email for that why was that? I do not do anything wrong in my opinion. They send me email and tell me nothing why is happened. I sent another email and send all dokuments my deposit, my driving licence and my adress paper if this help. And again they answer me but not tell what is wrong. I send tree email and they answer that no send email their not answer anymore.

I understand that casino can choose customers but they dont can take customer win money. This 850eur is so big money to me. Even deposit 200eur is big. How its possible in this yer casino not explane the reason why account come to close. I put some email there what they send to me. Ask me more information if neceessary. I apologize for my language.

Posted on June 1, 2018

888casino has contacted me by email. The review has been resumed. It seems that the matter can be solved ?when I receive them sufficient proof of ID and my accounts. Thank you 888casino I believe this thing will be fine. Give us some time and we will see.

Posted on June 5, 2018

The 888 casino requires a valid identity card, preferably a passport. My driver's license was not sufficient for them.

There are 2-week queues (signature and fingerprints) for identifying your own city police. I have to reserve the time to another city 100km away so I can get faster. I also have to choose a quick pass for it to be faster. These cost me 100 euros, not to mention time and effort.

If all goes well I get a new pass for the end of the week maybe on Friday. In that case, I will send it to 888casinon and hope that this can be resolved.

Posted on June 8, 2018

The new passport arrived this morning. I immediately sent pictures of it to 888casino. Images uploaded successfully. I hope this is fine. I wait for the casino response.

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