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Play2Win Casino won't pay me out

fehutt United States
posted on March 27, 2013.

On approx 1/4/2013 I tried making my first deposits at Play2Win casino. The first, for $50, was rejected. The second, for $50 was accepted.

Checking my bank statement I saw that both deposits were debited from my acct. On approx. 1/7/2013 I filed a claim at my bank for one $50 deposit.(stop payment). On 1/8/2013 I submitted a withdrawal for $800 and sent the required identification and three deposit verification papers.

I requested the funds be sent via wire to my bank acct. When that did not happen I contacted support and was told my bank would not accept the wire. I contacted my bank and was given a "international" routing number and then gave it to support. When no funds were deposited I contacted support again and was told that my bank would not accept the wire again. I was told to open a PayPal acct. and was assured that the funds would be put into it within two days. That never happened.

I attempted to contact support via email, telephone and "live chat" numerous times without success. Then upon attempting to log in my acct. was blocked. I contacted "live Chat" through my brothers acct. and was told that I had stopped a deposit of $50 and because of that, my acct. was closed and my withdrawal on hold.

I went over every deposit made to the casino and found that on 1/4/2013 they showed only one $50 deposit (my acct shows two). On 1/17/2013 the casinos records shows one $50 deposit ( my bank statement does not show it).

I was told to reverse my claim to release my withdrawal. Knowing I did not owe them the disputed $50 yet the deposit in their records on 1/17/2013 brought the total amount up to as if I did owe them the extra $50. I order to release my $800 I agreed to reverse my claim and give them the extra $50.

Still nothing happened and they would not communicate with me at all.

I contacted Ed at "Casino Listings" and he spoke with John Stern ([email protected]­bes­tpa­ypa­rtners) who said they would not pay out and added that I was untrustworthy and attempted to fraud them and other casinos. I posted a reply at "Casino Listings" on the original thread in the complaint forum.

Since then I received a email from Sebastian K (Play2Win casino manager) on 2/19/2013 stating that my withdrawal would be processed when they get verification that my claim had been cancelled. I sent them copies of my bank statements, letter from my bank confirming the canceled claim and still no response or money. I then received a email requesting verification of all deposits made at the casino which I returned to them.

3/26/2013 and still they will not answer any communication attempts and will not honor a legitimate withdrawal.

It.s pretty sad seeing they will rip a customer off for, to them, is such a small amount of money. I guess they only had $200 when the started up the casino.

Stinking thieves!!!







fehutt United States
posted on April 5, 2013.

Why my turn?

posted on April 8, 2013.

This player has deposited 50 USD - has charged back - Came to us with different stories.

This player has been trying to put pressure on us by opening many posts, also in this very same portal. We will not reactivate an account that has charged-back on us.

After checking on the phone calls, chats, and emails, and right after the charge-back; Rival has banned this player from all Rival casinos.

We will not pronounce our selves any more about this fraudulent player.


fehutt United States
posted on April 8, 2013.

It is amazing to me that Play2Win Casino continues to hold their position in spite of the cold,m hard evidence that supports me. All they have to do is reveiw my deposit records, my play history compaired to my bank statements, do some simple math and the truth be shown.

I have supplied all documents proving my allegations.

I challange them to publish my play history for 1/4/2013 and 1/17/2013 proving their allegations rather than just crying about being pressured. Support your case!!!

Do they think that they should be allowed to keep the monies they obtain by bogus deposit debits to players accounts?

The term they love to use,"chargeback" is when a player deposits, gets credits, plays and then stops payment. What I did was stop payment on a bogus deposit debit which I never recieved anything for.

Yes, after giving this casino more than enough time to pay my withdrawal and having been given the run-a-round for almost two months, I did complain at various forums and informational sites including thier marketing sites. What do they expect?

I guess they are now mad at me, even though admitting they owe me the money, they decide to not honor their debt and ban me from all Rival Casinos, as punishment. They would not have gotten any complaints if they had simply paid their debt!

As far as being banned from all casinos using Rival software...if those casinos stand behind Play2Win's decision dispite the evidence against it, I would have to say that ALL RIVAL CASINOS ARE CROOKED.

When starting my attempts to get paid by them I would have been satisfied by just getting my money. Now, after the lies and personal attack publicly slandering my good character, I would only accept personal apologies from both John Stern (bestpaypartners) and Play2Win Casino, along with my withdrawal money to cease my reveiws of their casino and their dishonest, criminal ways.

I am certain that this issue has cost Play2Win well over the petty $800.00 they stole from me and I will continue warning prospective players about their dishonest, cheating, un-proffesional ways of running a casino.

Personaly, Clara Lefevre ([email protected]), John Stern (bestpaypartners), Sabastion (casino manager) and Pablo (floor manager) have all been rude and dishonest with me.

I would like to thank the operaters in "live chat", especially Alex, for being courtious and professional handling this problem dispite the casinos unfair practices.

The representitives of Play2Win are theives, liars, and cowards hiding within the internet, totaly irresponsible and dishonest.

Sincerely, Frank Hutton

posted on April 10, 2013.

 The player did behave fraudulent and there is nothing we can do! Casino provided us with the evidence which proves their statements. Complaint solved!