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Play2win Casino - Trying to withdraw my money

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Play2Win Casino
Reason Bonus abuse
Posted on May 16, 2014

I've been trying to withdraw my money for over 2 weeks now. After signing up to neteller, I deposited some more money into my play 2 win account to allow me to make a withdrawal. I've responded to their document request with all the required documents and sent an email chasing it up but not received a reply. I've also tried calling but the person hung up on me several times.

Posted on January 30, 2013

The player deposited 25 GBP by credit card as a first time deposit and another 30 GBP by Neteller in order to activate his withdrawing method. This is a total of 55 GBP. The player never played the money; right after depositing he requested the cash-out.

This player came from one of our affiliates, who is issuing a real cash-back of 30 GBP, such cash-back is independently issued by the affiliate and transferred by the affiliate into a set of payment methods. As per the affiliate’s conditions, players need to deposit in Play2Win Casino to qualify for this offer.

The player CRAMATDEL, not only didn’t play the money but it tried to deceive, not only the casino but the affiliate who brought him in, by claiming a cash-back on money he never played.

The player account has been suspended due to fraud and the affiliate network has been contacted and informed.

Posted on January 30, 2013

I made no attempt to deceive, and assumed my cashback would only track once I'd met the gambling requirements. I attempted to use the casinos after depositing,, but the website would not work, as I informed Eric on the live help at the time. I therefore have attempted to withdraw my money. No fraud had taken place, there was no attempt to deceive, and I do not expect any cashback. I consider these to be slanderous allegations.

Posted on January 31, 2013

The player did not wagered the deposit and claim the cash-back from the affiliate.

The player logged repetitively into 6 different games many sessions, the hours and times can be checked on the list of sessions above, We have changed some numbers of the player’s IP address in order to protect his security.

Mode Start Length Client IP Country by IP

Real 1/19/13 17:52 0:01:35 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/17/13 4:28 0:00:35 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/15/13 17:46 0:01:38 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/15/13 10:38 0:01:21 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/11/13 16:47 0:05:21 No-download 94.xx.xx.149 United Kingdom

Real 1/11/13 16:12 0:00:38 No-download 94.14.xx.149 United Kingdom

Real 1/4/13 18:27 0:00:38 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/4/13 18:11 0:14:28 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/4/13 17:42 0:01:20 No-download United Kingdom

Real 1/4/13 17:42 0:00:00 No-download United Kingdom

This shows that the player could login into his account and even could play. Please read the chat the player CRAMATDEL had with our representatives right after the deposit, where he not only threats on charging back but also shows that he has only the intention of withdrawing the money after the deposit. Why would a real player deposit money into a casino and not play it?

Chat Transcript

Show/Hide timestamp for each chat lineMACROBUTTON HTMLDirect

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'barbara'

barbara: Hello! How are you?

barbara: How May I help you?

cramatdel: Hi, I'm trying to make a withdrawal but I don't have any of the withdrawal methods

cramatdel: I deposited using a mastercard, please refund to this same card

barbara: its not possible

barbara: In order to be able to withdraw, you need to open a virtual wallet. I suggest you to use

cramatdel: why?

barbara: Once the account has been created, you have to make a deposit of at least 30 dollars on your virtual account.

barbara: Then, you deposit this amount on your casino account. Afterwards, you will be able to make a withdrawal. You can also withdraw the 30 dollars you initially deposited for the activation.

cramatdel: No, just withdraw the money back to my card

cramatdel: no nonsense, give me this money back or I'll contact my card issuer

cramatdel: This is a scam

barbara: sorry but its the casino's conditions

cramatdel: I didn't agree to this, it's absolute nonsense

cramatdel: It doesn't say this in the conditions i read

cramatdel: it's just a scam

barbara: you didnt read the conditions ?

barbara: before to register?

cramatdel: Yes, I read them

cramatdel: but it didn't say you can deposit with a credit card but not withdraw with the same card

barbara: every days player withdraws his monez on neteller, clickandbuy, clicktopay

barbara: just doi like everyone

cramatdel: No, just refund my money onto my card

barbara: its not posible

cramatdel: well I'll ring my card issuer and tell them that i didn't authorise this transaction

cramatdel: it is possible

Eric: Hi Sir, i will help you

cramatdel: please do

Eric: first to proceed I need to give you a quick call :)

cramatdel: why?

Eric: to be sur that you are actually Mr Delaney , i will ask you 4 question its like 2 min maximum

cramatdel: ok

Eric: Ok so

Eric: let me explain you the process

Eric: we actualy do not withdrawl by using creditcard

Eric: the only way to proceed is to use a virtual wallet

Eric: the is about our policy

Eric: security policy

cramatdel: Yes, Barbara told me this

Eric: ok

It’s obvious that CRAMATDEL has never played in an online casino and he only opened an account with us so he could get the cash-back. We have also being advised by the affiliate team to ban the account since he did requested the cash-back from the advertising web site.

We will be happy to provide more proves that show CRAMATDEL’s attempts of fraud, we will not refund the player, and the account will be banned from our casinos.

Posted on January 31, 2013

Where to start... Breathe...

Firstly, the casino is conveniently omitting the live chat session where I spoke to Eric about my problems accessing the online gaming. I could log in, but when clicking on the link to the games it did not work. When I started reading how I had to deposit more money to withdraw it, and having got no joy from Eric or any of the other live chat people, I decided to give up and withdraw my money.

Secondly, the casino has no right to withhold my cash after deciding to suspend my account. They may choose to define fraud however they wish and throw absurd accusations around. What is clear, is that they have £55 of my money that they are refusing to give back. This is genuine fraud.

The affiliate will confirm that I have played at many online casinos and had no problems. They will also confirm that it isn't normal for cashback to track when the gambling conditions have not been met, and as it is an automated process beyond my control, I cannot be held responsible for it. Just to clarify, no cashback has been paid, and I don't expect any to be. All I am asking for is my deposit back, which the casino has absolutely no right to under UK law.

Posted on January 31, 2013

We have not cash-back tracking with the affiliate. We assumed this is what happened and we asked for confirmation from the affiliate since this kinds of attempts are being done several times from players coming from the same sources.

As the first chat the player had with us suggests, he will issue a charge-back, that was already enough reason to close the account and not issuing any refund and closing the account.

The player did not checked our withdrawing methods; he assume we do issue withdrawals back to credit cards, procedure is less seen in our industry due to security reasons and thing we do not do.

We have thousands of new players coming every month to our labels; depositing, playing and withdrawing. We are happy these topics are exposed to the public so opportunists and scammers realize how do we act on such situations and they think twice before trying to do fraudulent activities, in this case confirmed and assured by the player himself.

Posted on January 31, 2013

As advised several times there was no attempt to commit 'fraud'. I'm not sure what the casino respondent is trying to say, as his English is very poor. Apparently he considers it appropriate to steal £55 off me to teach me a lesson for having clicked through an affiliate. Clearly this is nonsense, and it is not for the casino to decide what to do with my money that they have absolutely no rights over. To any level headed person, it's evident that there is only one 'scammer' here. Unfortunately I appear to have been duped by this rogue casino. Again, I require my £55 back, as the casino has no rights under law or any terms and conditions to this money.

Posted on April 26, 2013

Accidentally or on purpose, player broke casino's rules, so this complaint is solved!

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