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Play2Win Casino - Money withdrawal denied

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Disputed casino Play2Win Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 28, 2014

I joined play2win casino on the 3rd of January, I deposited £30 and started to play, i did not claim any bonuses or anything of the sort just deposited £30 and started to play. I deposited via my bank account as the payment option was available, I then started to play and decided the site wasn't for me I had won £20 making my account balance £50. the site seemed 'dodgy' to say the least so i decided to have a look around and look at my account and withdrawal possesses, on entering the withdrawal page I became aware I couldn't withdraw the same way i deposited, this unnerved me greatly leading me to believe that it was a site that scammed people rather than having to customer interests at heart. I decided to speak with the live chat representative Angelina, who explained I had to withdraw through neteller even though i hadn't deposited through the neteller. I set up an account and then tried to withdraw, which failed. I contacted Angelina again who then told me I had to deposit a further £30 through neteller to verify my account before i could withdraw. On hearing this, as it was not explained to start with, I was very upset, and said i wanted my money in my bank account. After a phone call with Angelina, who shouted and screamed at me down the phone which is very unprofessional she point blank refused to give me my money. I decided that my only option was to make a further deposit of £30 and then withdraw it instantly. With the extra £30 deposited through neteller my account balance was £80, I clicked to withdraw this and the play2win site said that i had successfully withdrawn £80 and it would credit my neteller account in 2-10days. every day i checked my account thinking it should be in. this was not the case. I didn't understand where my money was. So i logged into play2win again today (27/1/14) to find that my account was firstly in credit, and withdrawals had been stopped on my account. My account balance only read £60...which isn't right as no money was withdrawn and I haven't logged in since the unfortunate day I became a member. I again tried to talked to the live chat assistant which again was the same Angelina who was rude and unhelpful. I explained my situation to her and she said 'come back in 2hours' I asked if the problem would be resolved then and she said 'no i need to speak to my manager come back 2hours' . I then waited 2hours and came back to angelina who said she would put my money into my bank account which previously she had said was impossible. I asked her where my other £20 was and she said 'You asked for a refund so you don't get it because you only get what you deposit not a withdrawal' this is a falsehood and needs to be rectified as soon as possible. they stopped me withdrawing money that belonged to me and now have refused me my winnings which is a horrible and stressful situation to be placed in. I need help because the company refuses to sort this out claiming i didnt ask for a withdrawal which i did. thank you for your time in this matter.

Posted on January 28, 2014

We have checked all communication channels and have reviewed all the interaction the casino had with this player, and we got to the following conclusion:

1) The player deposited 30 GBP and did not wagered the money at least one time as the terms and conditions request.

2) At the cashier’s page – as well on the website – the deposit and withdrawing methods are clearly and in depth explained. We do not pay cash-outs to credit cards, as many casinos don’t due to security issues.

3) The player had to get verified on Neteller, which he never used. It took to Neteller a certain period of time to make accounts available for withdrawal.

4) The player was very frustrated, and threatened on charging back, more than once, to the Player Support Representative, and to the Floor Manager.

5) Since there was a threat of charge-back, we decided to refund the whole amount of deposits to the player. And finally to close the account.

The player stated on his post, “I realized this was not for me”, he also implicitly agreed on the fact he asked for a refund. Apparently the player does not understand - players cannot do such threats. It is completely legit that the player realized online gambling is not suitable for him, but there are terms and conditions that we are obliged to follow in order to keep our licenses and processing – he should have been aware of them before making such a decision.

Our casino is inflexible when it comes to security and fraud, and by fraud we also include players who come and threat on charge-back, since at the end everybody in the industry get hurts, not only the operator but the processor and the affiliate too.

Posted on May 28, 2014

This case has been reopened upon casino's request.

@cmk19897, please, comment on casino's last post. It's not very kind to come here, make some accusations against the casino and then never to return!

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