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Redbet Casino - Payment pending for too long, customer service is useless

Inactive user
Posted on May 7, 2018

Hi I made a withdrawal from this casino on the 3/5/18 for £1700 - on your review of the casino it shows pending period of 0-1 hours .

Anyways I contacted them the next day and they said that they were very busy and it would be processed no later than 24 hours . I asked them to contact paymentb department and speed it up but he said they can't do that , I asked to speak to a manager again that was not possible ..

So 24 hours later my withdrawal is still shown as pending again tried to phone number not working , I go on live chat and the person on the other side gave me word for word the exact things the man was saying yesterday. I explained that on ask gamblers it says the pending time is 0-1 hours and I was told yesterday it would be no longer than 24 hours . The lady said there's nothing she can do and she couldn't give a time scale when it would be processed . Again asked to speak to a manager or a number I could phone she said no.

This casino advertises on the website fast payouts ..........

On askgamblers the pending time is 0-1 hours ........ it's now been 48

I was told on the 4/05/18 that they are manually processed and no longer than 24 hours from the time of withdrawal

Inactive user
Posted on May 7, 2018

Hi there unfortunately this withdrawal was reversed and lost .

On your site they advertise that there pending period is 0-1 hours , when I spoke to redbet live chat I explained that I wanted the withdrawal processed so I did not reverse it and was told it would be no longer than 24 hours .

After 24 hours I emailed , spoke to someone on live chat and phoned them asking them to please process my withdrawal as it was longer than 24 hours and was told there was nothing they could do ? They could not put me through to a manager or speed up the withdrawal ?

On the phone I was told that I could not withdraw as I couldn't send them a copy of a paysafe code ( it's a receipt who keeps them ) my last 5 deposits have been with card lol so o can deposit and not withdraw

Anyways despite me doing everything I possibly could to make them aware I wanted my withdrawal processed as I can't afford to lose it they did not help saying there's no way to speed it up .

And guess what I ended up reversing it and losing it . Once I lost £1500 and only had £200 left I received a email from redbet telling me to request a new withdrawal andnlive chat will speed it up for me .... hmmm so when inwanted to withdraw £1700 it couldn't be sped up and no reply from emails or manager but within half a hour of me losing the funds they can all of a sudden speed it up ?????

This irresponsible from redbet they did everything they possibly could to encourage to reverse despite me asking them to process it so o could not reverse it

Posted on May 7, 2018

Based on player's last post it is now obvious that the disputed withdrawal amount has been played and lost by the player. In such situation, AskGamblers Complaints Team have no other option, but to reject the case as the main complaints subject is no longer valid.

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