Jackpot Grand Casino - Payment of $183.00 delayed

posted on October 3, 2014.

Aug/30th, I submitted a withdrawl request of about $183.00 ($223 - bonus). After waiting the usual 10 bussiness days, I started to inquire for the approval. For the last 20 days from the support I got all combinations of excuses, this week, tomorrow, soon,t­oda­y,m­ain­ten­ance, etc etc, and if you ask one more question the answer would be that they will submit the request to the relevant department and one more question the answer is sorry for the incovenience. Bottom line no approval and no payment. This casino currently has a bonus code of HOCUSPOCUS, I think it suits very well
with them.

posted on October 5, 2014.

Dear askgamblers, I've decided to cancel my withdrawl request, and play the balance, at least enjoy, since it is not a large amount, instead of going through agony of waiting for the result which might be most probably negative.
Please CLOSE my request, and thanks for the opprtunity.