iNetBet Casino - Delaying my payments, not responding to emails

alberto9 Italy
posted on June 19, 2015.

I requested 10 withdrawals of $ 250 each.
from June 12, 2015.
I also account balance other $ 6,600 approximately.
I do not understand why not get paid.
Lately I do not get responses to my mails.
facebook read messages, but do not answer.
They responded early (around 15-16 June)
saying they have the cash in maintenance.
Brian the manager has said they are working to my withdrawals.
but today after 8 days without seeing anything.
In May I played, very settled, and they win the pagate..circa $ 250 per day.
then, I deposited more than $ 300 dollars on June 11 and won them $ 9,000 or so.
and I am concerned that I do not answer and do not pay.
It is a strange behavior.
I ask for help, ask support at the same casino in question.
Thank you.

posted on June 23, 2015.

HI Alberto9,
As per our recent replies to you this is being dealt with by accounts.
We cannot discuss details on an open forum.
Please continue any dialogue via the correct channels

alberto9 Italy
posted on June 23, 2015.

Ciao inebet support.
I talked through the private channel (e-mail) but got no response constant.
and had few answers were vague and synthetic
the important thing for me is that there are no problems, and that the undersigned is paid by all winning.
($ 2500 + $ 6664)
I also wish to know precise timing.

bye and thank.

posted on June 24, 2015.

Hi Alberto9
No problem - as we say please contact us in future through the correct channels
Many thanks

alberto9 Italy
posted on June 24, 2015.

I can also use this channel of communication (e-mail), but if your answers are always vague and synthetic ... I have to keep open the post on the site askgamblers.
Ciao Inetbet support.
what you say, we are working for you, for your withdrawals, it means little and nothing.
you must be able to give me a date, and make you feel and often describing what you are doing for me.
I do not like long silences.
thank you.

alberto9 Italy
posted on June 29, 2015.

I have started to receive 250$+250 $, you are on the good road. you continue this way.

thank you support.

posted on July 3, 2015.

Is this complaint resolved can we close it? Thank you.

alberto9 Italy
posted on July 4, 2015.

Ok.This complaint was closed , but I'll have to do a feedback to the casino , elsewhere .

posted on July 4, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.