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PartyCasino - Locked account after winning

Complaint Info
Disputed casino PartyCasino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 2100
Posted on July 5, 2019

Made multiple deposits using electronic funds transfer, done it lots of times in the past and never once had any issues. I won about 3000$ in dream catcher the other day, go to cash out 2100$ and verified my account, received email confirming my account was successfully verified, then 15 minutes later while placing a bet, I get kicked out of game and when I go to log back in it says your account has been locked.....

I contact support and the reason they give me is because my deposits haven't cleared yet, fair enough. Well its been 3-4 days now and the deposits have been charged to my account and show up in my bank statement, they asked for screen shots which I provided, now they say I must wait until July 10 2019 for the funds to be considered clear. So my account will remain locked until then, even though my bank account has already been charged, have no history of bounced payments, and my account balance far exceeds are deposits that might not be clear.

How long am I going to have to wait to get my withdraw? 2 weeks for deposit clear and another 2 weeks to send me my money? It should not take a month to receive funds electronically over the internet, I feel like I am being given the run-around and they do not want to pay, because Ive never had this issue except now when they owe me, the start dragging their feet and trying to find any excuse they can.

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