Party casino stolen my money

posted on January 24, 2014.

Hi, I played live dealer roulette on used simple doubling bets system. After some time there was bed guess stream, I doubled ten times in a row and my last bet was 400$ I placed it on black it landed on black, but in screen where winnings is shown appeared message that my won amount of last bet is 0$ so no money was credited to my balance. I send my gaming history screen shot (where is clearly visible that system or what ever made mistake) to customer service of party casino, and they pretending that everything is fine and there is no mistake. My mistake was that I did not recorded my game after that fraud I am doing it even that I playing in other casino room just in case and I offer do this to all gamblers. So do not play in partycasino rooms because it can happen to you too. If some one want to see transaction history screen shot I can send it by skype, name is vaicius1987.