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PartyCasino - Significant winnings and no payout

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Disputed casino PartyCasino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

For your reference i have included a concise brief overview of how this predicament began and how it has progressed to this point without an appropriate resolution that suits both parties. It is very important to read the overview and try to understand it as it contains the exact truthful events in the order they occurred.

The Partygaming credit team deleted my players account and seized over 20000 dollars of funds. I have been a member of partycasino for over 4 yrs. I have never won much of anything and probably deposited over 40000 dollars. A little over one month ago i registered my bank account for electronic transfer with the partygaming credit team. Several successfull transactions were made on this account. I was given a pre credit limit of 500 then once succcessfull transactions were made the credit team at partygaming increased my credit limit to 10000 dollars. I played some of that credit line apprx 4000 dollars and won well over 20000. Immediately after winning on May 19 2012 , i called the credit team and asked them if they could take the 4000 dollars that i had used of credit out of my winnings as payment. The credit team agreed that it was possible and took 4000 dollars from my playing account. The transaction id was indicated on my transaction history and it was clear that there was a transaction made where the credit team took 4000 from my playing account to cancel out the 4000 dollars worth of credit i had used. I still wanted to confirm that they had the 4000 dollars as that money disappeared from my account and the credit team told me they had given this transaction a different id number than the original in my transaction history The credit team assured me that they had taken the 4000 dollars and put it aside to cover the bank transactions. They indicated that the original deposits still had to go through my bank. I then called my bank Scotiabank to let them know that partygaming would be making some debits on my account and i told them how much because they had covered earlier transactions for less amounts. I confirmed with the banking agent that even if i didn’t have the entire amount to cover these transactions, the merchant Partygaming would get their money. The banking agent guaranteed that everything was fine and the merchant Partygaming would get their money. On Monday May 21 after i spoke with Scotiabank i called the partycasino credit team again to confirm that my winnings would be paid and they would process the 4000 they took from my account towards the deposits in case my bank had an issue. At that time the accounting agent said yes Robert this is correct and dont worry we will do what we said we would do, just wait and be patient. Finally on Friday May 25 my winnings were released into my account in the total of 15750 dollars which equalled my total cashouts of 20000 dollars minus the 4000 of deposits and service charges for the transactions. At this point the money was in my account and all the transactions had cleared or so i was lead to believe. I then made cashouts on my mastercard which were once again put on hold. The following day Saturday May 26, i was playing on the site and all of a sudden my whole account was frozen and closed and all my balance dissapeared. I called the credit team and they said they had closed my account and will not cashout any of my winnings. My account had been blocked and my balance had been seized. At that time i asked them why and they said it was because of fraudulent and or failed transactions. At that time i asked them why they took the 4000 dollars to cover these transactions and they didn’t respond. I also asked them at that time why they led me to believe that 4000 dollars was put aside to cover my deposits and there was no reply.

Immediately after speaking with credit team I contacted my bank to ask them why the transactions didnt go through. The bank agent said they had made a mistake and would do whatever they could to correct the error. The bank immediately drafted a letter of apology and forwarded it to this partygaming . Very shortly after and before partygaming received the banks apology letter partygaming unblocked my account and stated via recorded phone call that i wouldnt have any further problems with my account and all the deposits had been collected. I then made several cashouts as i had a significant balance in my account. these tranactions were approved. I then went on to use my account as normal playing casino games and placing sports wagers. Approximately 8 hrs later my account got blocked again and i called for an explanation and management just said it was their decision and that was it. At this point myself and my family were very disturbed by the companies inconsistencies in most all of their actions and communications since the whole incident began. Just shortly after this partygaming received my banks apology letter and i didn’t hear back from them regarding this. I am still attempting to communicate but they are not responding.

Partygaming has not acted professionally nor have they done what they indicated they would do. Its over one month since this began and its been back and forth and this situation has put a major toll on our family. As online casinos penalize human errors that are made by customers, are they not responsible to rectifiy human errors made inside their company and provide a proper resolution or compensation to the party that was exposed to those errors.

The screenshots that i can supply you with clearly indicate:

attachment 1) Proof they collected 4000 dollars from my account to cover the deposits even though they think they just reversed this 4000 but what they did was take that reversed 4000 and put it aside giving this transaction a new id number which was not listed in my transaction history. I noticed this immediately and called the credit team to ask them what they did with the 4000 dollar transaction and the credit team said they put it aside and not to worry. At the time I found it strange that they just took money from my account and made it disappear and changed the transaction id. You can see the date of May 20 when this transaction occurred which was the date i called to make the arrangement to have the 4000 taken from my account

attachment 2) proof my bank issued a statement of apology proving that i didnt act frauduently in this situation nor did i intend to have the transactions fail as i was accused.

attachment 3) proof that my account was reopened and confirmed via telephone conversation guaranteeing i would have no further problems with my account. The balance indicates that the cashouts i made were taken from my original balance when the account was reopened on June 6

attachment 4 and 5) Partygaming approving and processing cashouts after my acount has been reopened that havent been received. I have more screenshots of approved transactions for other amounts that havent been received as well. These transactions are completed transactions because the first screenshot regarding cashouts indicates you received the cashout request and it was pending. The second screenshot regarding the same cashout clearly indicates the cashout had been approved.

attachment 6) Proof the funds for the 4000 worth of deposits were collected

This is not the way a Worldwide publicly traded company behaves. Since there was a mistake by the bank why would the credit team simply not ask me to issue them 4000 of my money a second time. However the credit team did suggest right from the beginning to take 4000 dollars from my account which they did. Apparently now long after the fact the credit team says that this was your money at the time and it doesn’t apply which makes no sense to why the credit team did the transaction in the first place. I was certainly misled several times by this operator right from the beginning. I really wish we could just move on and get back to a professional respectful business relationship and save going down a different avenue which just makes me sick to think that you could let that happen and not have this operator accountable for their mistakes before it gets to that point.


Robert < surname removed >

Posted on July 5, 2012

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence on behalf PartyCasino management, where it is clearly displayed that the case is about abusive behavior. AskGamblers Complaints Team confirm and justify the casino actions.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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