Party Casino refuse to pay

posted on March 2, 2011.


Party Casino refuse to pay 8000 EURO I won in their Roulette table and poker. It was a special Roulette bonus that you can also play in poker according to bonus rules.

I played a special signup offer for Roulette game coupon code 500ROULETTE,The deposit was of 500 EURO and the bonus was 330 EURO. I managed to win big and the casino decided not to pay because according to the casino I breached the terms and condition.

The casino couldn't explain exactly what term I didn't comply with , shame on them.

I wager the full amount required to cash out. I actually wager 40,000 more as I placed Red and Black bets that the software wouldn't count for the wagering but it was still huge amount I wagered so I can win, I got very lucky and this non payment is a disaster for me after I had tough time lately trying to win.

Any help getting my winnings from them would be much appreciated. After I searched in Google I could see I am not the only one and I could find some positive resolution with this casino, I blame myself for not checking enough before I decided to trust this Casino, I had no idea such a big name will treat me like that.


Panagiotis Papadopoulos