Party Casino - funds withdrawal

srishiva9099 Germany
posted on September 25, 2013.

This message is in response to the decision taken on my account please check every thing once again i asked you twice and thrice regarding the same issue of my bank account transaction failure ,and i was the person to bring this issue to your notice that the transactions will get failed so it was not your investigating team or some thing like that they found that transactions are failed and i didn't mean to fraud you or some thing like that ,if i mean then why should i contact you people and one more thing i asked you on the same day that is there any alternative option to get your funds back you people only said that my account is having balance so you are going to deduct it from my party poker account if the transactions got rejected so it was not me it was you or your agents who said your going to deduct it from my account and i read in the terms and conditons of elv payment method too that your gonna collect the balance by making a charge back so this decision is not fair and i told you clearly that this is the transactions will get rejected and i explained you people why this transactions are going to to reject too and this is the first time that is happening to my party poker account (if we speak only about party poker account ) because u said we will speak only about my party poker account

And i will send you the screenshot of my bank account of the balance which you want to know that i'm having funds with me if you want i will send you the second bank account also in which i'm having 3000 euros(sent already two bank statements) of balance but problem is the a bank account which i registered with you is a blocked account till September this thing i come to know only after getting touch with the bank people i can show you that the funds are available for my first transaction in the bank itself and one more thing u said that the i played with the credit that you had given me so winnings are going to taken by the party poker itself , if that is the case and if i didn't won anything that we are speaking now party poker won't bear the lose too right they will give to third party agencies to collect it from me and so it is not that simple to raise or tell me that the winnings that i won are going to taken by party poker group and lost money should be payed by the player this is not the first time i'm facing problem with you ,why could you tell me this thing when i contacted you on the first day itself so please resolve my issue and i would contact the Ecogra safe and fair and gaming commission authorities regarding this issue i'm gonna take further action on you people and i'm having screenshots of your chat and you people what you people said me about my account

This is what the message i sent them and i had the screenshots of that particular agents who said that they gonna deduct it from my party casino account and each time every agentis giving me different answers for my questions some are telling my account is closed and some are telling that my account is on temporary hold