Parasino Casino not answering e-mails nor paying out withdrawals

posted on September 18, 2013.

I recently won money in Parasino Casino. I made a total withdrawal request of 15.000 Euros to my Neteller account. Documents were requested and I sent them. After this nothing has happened. They are not responding to my e-mails and if I ask something in their live-chat I get no answer.

posted on September 20, 2013.

Dear player,

I have checked your account status. Our risk management follows the standard procedure before giving approval for payout of big winnings which is the case in your situation.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

posted on September 22, 2013.

I finally got in touch with Parasino Casino through their live-chat. I asked why my withdraws were rejected and I got the answer that their Risk Management section had to verify my account by giving me a telephone call in the next days. This was Friday and no call so far.

So for now I'm just sitting by my phone and waiting for them to call me.

posted on September 25, 2013.

Dear Parasino,

I got a call from your support today telling that I could only withdraw 1000€ for now and 1000€ in a few days. This had to do something with my Neteller deposit so you could not pay me any more for the moment. But if I would open an Ukash account and make a small deposit I could withdraw the whole sum of 15.000€.

Can you please explain this to me and the rest of us. How do this work? Is there somewhere in your terms and condition that you can refer to?

Please pay me the whole amount.

posted on September 29, 2013.

Dear player,

I am glad that there is progress with your payout. Unfortunately the transactions limits for withdrawal are based on many factors and we are forced to follow the rules, therefore even with Ukash the withdrawals amount will be capped to a specific amount per transaction until you receive the complete amount of your winnings.

posted on October 2, 2013.

Last week I recieved 1000€. After this nothing has happened. How long will it take for you to process withdrawal requests? At this pace I will have to wait many months for my money.

If a person goes in to a casino and wins money he will leave with the amount won. He doesn't have to come back several times to get small sums now and then.

I will keep this complaint updated until I recieve all of my money. It's up to you to show everyone how long it takes to withdraw money from your casino.

posted on October 5, 2013.

Still only 1000€ payed. Support doesn't answer to my e-mails. My withdrawal requests are denied time after time.

posted on October 8, 2013.

Once again I sent an e-mail to Parasino support asking why they wont approve my withdrawals or if they at least could give me a good explanation why nothing happens. But, as before there is no answer.

posted on October 12, 2013.

Dear Parasino,

Can you please explain to me why you are not replying to my e-mails? How can you ignore someone like this. I really feel like you don't care about your users at all. Time after time I send e-mails to ask why you don't approve my withdrawals or when you are going to approve them. At least I would like an explanation why there is nothing happening at the moment.

posted on October 14, 2013.

Dear Customer,

I have checked your account and your emails. Our live support has already informed you that you will receive your money and is not needed to be worry about.

Your first payment request(1000EUR) was approved and the reason for the further delay is because of the high amount of your winning which needs good checking process.

In addition you was requested to make your payments via Ukash and you haven`t do that yet.

Feel free to contact us any time.

posted on October 16, 2013.

Dear Parasino,

First of all I can't use U-kash in my country and U-kash is a prepaid card so I can't get money transferred to my bank account. Second is why do I have to deposit more money through another method so I can withdraw money?? Come on, if I deposit money through Neteller I should be able to withdraw my money the same way. Otherwise please explain to me and all the others why your casino can't pay withdrawals to Neteller or perhaps you should write it in your terms and condition that if a user wins lot of money he has to deposit morw money through u-kash to withdraw them.

Soon it's a month since you paid 1.000 Euros and said that I soon would get another withdrawal approved. But nothing happens. And what is good checking process? There is so many things you can't explain. You also say feel free to contact us at any time. I have sent e-mail after e-mail asking you things. Why is it so hard to write a simple answer instead of ignoring them?

Parasinos slogan is "creating real winners". I sure don't feel like one since you are holding my money in my account and don't approve my withdrawals.

posted on October 20, 2013.

So far no new withdrawals has been approved.

posted on October 23, 2013.

Dear Parasino,

Once again I asked you when you are going to approve my withdrawals. Why wont you respond to me?

The funny thing is you re-newed your internet page losing every users password so everyone had to request a new password. I did this and after logging in I can't se pending withdrawals any more. Also you removed the option of withdrawals through Neteller. But you can still deposit with Neteller. How come? Another thing is the money is now in Turkish Lira. You are doing strange things time after time. Your site is now You also changed your support e-mail adress. Please, give me and everyone else some answers.

Any one else reading this feel free to comment.

posted on October 27, 2013.

Over a month has now passed and nothing has happened. My withdrawals are still pending. Is this good checking process? Why can't you give me an answer? There is another complaint here that you answer so why not answer to mine?

posted on October 30, 2013.

Nothing happens in this case. Parasino is not answering my mails. You don't even answer on live support. I really can't understand how you ignore winners in your casino this way. Please answer my questions.

posted on November 2, 2013.

After searching the internet and finding several complaints about Parasino not paying winnings maybe it's time to blacklist this casino. I don't know? What does Askgamblers have to say about this case and does Parasino have an explanation why not to be blacklisted?

posted on November 6, 2013.

No updates in this case.

posted on December 1, 2013.

This complaint is reopened upon player's request.

posted on December 2, 2013.

So Parasino; Why is nothing happening in my case? You still don't answer e-mails. You ignore me in your live-chat. You are impossible to get in touch with. You earlier said that my withdrawals had to go through good checking process. It has now been three months and nothing happens. Please answer me.

posted on December 5, 2013.

You are responding to other player's complaints so why not respond to mine?

posted on January 21, 2015.

This case has been reopened upon player's request and we would like to give it one last chance for a successful resolution.

posted on January 21, 2015.

I earlier made a complaint against Parasino casino where I was only able to withdraw 1.000 of 15.000 euros. During an update of the site I had 5.000 in waiting withdrawals that disappeared. I recently e-mailed support asking about this but as usual Parasino won't answer me. Today when I tried to log in they even blocked my account. I want some answers, please Parasino respond to this.

posted on January 25, 2015.

Dear @xcribbex,
Any update with this issue?

posted on January 25, 2015.

Nope, nothing. I'm ignored as usual.