Pamper Casino - Withdrawal still not processed

posted on March 3, 2014.

Well this has been a merry go round with them I made a deposit and met the play through and have been trying for 3 weeks to get a withdrawal. No response from e-mails or phone calls. Can you help. My user name at the casino is marker1957. Thanks

posted on March 5, 2014.

Dear Mark
We have reviewed your request and the records show you have been depositing
without zeroing out your account. Please remember that all bonuses have a
wagering requirements and no withdrawal can be processed if you have a
pending bonus requirement from a deposit or freechip.

As stated on Term #3 - Wagering requirements must be met
All bonus offers you see on the promo page and elsewhere have wagering
requirements attached to them. You have to meet the wagering requirements to
be able to withdraw any winnings.

As per the reply from Accounting on 02/11/2014 your request could not be
processed as you had an available bonus balance and requirement to be
completed. You had $212.90 bonus balance from the 3800new and you had only
completed $3848.40.

On 02/18/2014 you were declined a second time as you still had not completed
the requirement, this time you had completed $5731.60 The total requirement
on your bonus is 80x on Gaminator Games.

Although you had released the 1000FlatNew coupon, from 2 deposits before,
you still have to complete the requirement of any new bonus you take. If you
did not zero out between deposits you still tied to the restrictions on the
bonuses and must complete all the requirements for all the active bonuses in
your account before you can cashout.

As stated in Term #5 - Zero outs
Your balance needs to be $1 or below for you to be considered "zeroed out".
You may not have bonus money from 2 bonuses in your account at the same time
(...) The software moves all bonus funds to real money once wagering
requirements are completed on any bonus. However, this DOES NOT mean max
cashout restrictions are removed from your bonus. ALL cashout restrictions
remain in full force & effect until a "zero out" occurs either due to you
playing down your balance or due to a withdrawal.

At this moment you still have the 3800NEW available in your account and have
completed $5,731.60. Play the rest of the funds until the requirement is
completed or you exhaust the bonus funds, then you can cashout.

The real balance in your account is $1027.91

We hope this helps to clarify your questions

posted on March 6, 2014.

Well if you will check, I made the withdrawal request before I made another deposit.You can hide behind all of your rules but not this one. I expect to get My $1000