Pamper Casino - Withdrawal Declined 9/3/14

posted on September 4, 2014.

Just before making a deposit for $20 using my VISA back on August 13th 2014 I spoke with a representative named Steven and told him there is a possibility i have signed up with Pamper before and I wanted him to close any duplicate accounts. He said he would and to not worry it would not affect my withdrawal; I had made no deposits on any duplicate accounts and had received no winnings from them. I decided to go ahead and make the deposit. Stupidly, I used their 2000% bonus which seems great until they void winnings over 20x your deposit. I built my account up to over $21,000 just to have it reduced to $420 after the rollover requirement was met. Talk about a let down. Well it gets worse. I made my withdrawal request and then had to deal with an Accounting department that doesnt take phone calls. I provided all proper documentation for verification and while they say you will hear from Accounting with in 3 business days, i did not have an answer until yesterday 9/3/14 when they said they declined it because of multiple prior accounts. I received no winnings nor any benefit of any kind from these duplicate accounts nor made any deposits on them and could not remember if i had created an account with Pamper before thus my reasoning for reaching out to a representative prior to making my deposit and request that any duplicate be deleted.

From experience with credible casinos like and i have had instances where i had duplicate accounts and also never received any winnings on the duplicate accoutns and they simply deleted them and it never affected my payouts.

I consider this absolute fraud on Pamper's behalf. I have reach out to their CEO Steve at [email protected] (if that is really their CEO at all, i was told that by a Pamper representative over the phone) but have yet to get a response.

AskGamblers, I ask of your help in this matter so i do not get scammed by Pamper Casino.

Thank you very much