Pamper Casino No Bonus

posted on April 23, 2011.

I opened an account on Pamper casino. Everything was OK until I won the third time. Then the upper management closed my account without no reason. They will open it if I agree never again to take a bonus. I wrote them many times but the accounting manager said that they don´t have to give any reason to terminate the account.

I think this is incredible! Don´t they have to tell about this on their site?

posted on April 25, 2011.

To be clear, this player played and won with us several times and was always paid in full without delay. After her last win we decided we did not wish to extend our bonus offers to her anymore. Her account has been temporarily disabled until she sends us an email confirming she agrees not to redeem any more bonuses at our site. We reserve the right to do so as per our terms & conditions :


In general, any private business reserves the right to close its doors to any customer it no longer wishes to do business with. We have taken that step in the case of this customer. We request her to respect our wishes and find an alternative casino for her online gambling needs.

posted on April 28, 2011.

1. I was not payed without delay!!

The casino tells that your withdrawal will pe processed in 1-3 business days. I did not get my money in this time, the last time it took 15 days.

2. You request me to respect your wishes.

How about you? When will the casino begin to respect the customers? I know the casino have closen the doors to many customers. Is this a right thing to do? Of course not. Perhaps you have to put in the terms: don´t win too often, you cannot take any bonuses after that. Keep in mind that if you don´t have customers, you don´t have a casino!

So, what´s wrong with the casinos owned by Operia Corp Limited? This same thing happened in Ac Casino? It seems to be that you are not able to give away so much bonuses so you have to take away the bonuses from several customers. This is bad policy for the company.

posted on May 1, 2011.

The last withdrawal took 15 days because it was on hold while her account status was evaluated. Once the decision was made to ban her from taking future bonuses the withdrawal was processed immediately.

I again respectfully ask loguma17 to respect our wishes and find herself another casino if she wishes to play with bonuses.

posted on May 4, 2011.

So now you admit the casino has been lying to me!!

When I asked the casino about my money the answer was always: as soon as possible. You told me you have so much withdrawal requests. But now you tell me that it was not because of this it took time for me to get the money! You evaluated my account status. Very bad policy from your side or what!!

Now we know that you are lying to the customers, you ban them from takin bonuses without no reason. What else?? This is not fair play.

You don´t respect the customers, so how can you think they would respect your wishes!

Once again, incredible!

posted on May 6, 2011.

Customer service clerks are not aware when an account is under investigation. All they can see if a withdrawal is pending or not and request Accounting to contact the player back should he or she request that.

The rest of it is ground we have already covered. We have said our piece regarding this subject. We now request askgamblers to resolve this complaint.

posted on May 8, 2011.

The main issue is that you have banned me from future bonuses. That I don´t approve.

If you would have a clear reason why you do like this you would tell it. But, you don´t have any reason!!