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Pamper Casino - Complaint

Posted on May 16, 2014

In Pamper Casino I win some money but they locked my account and telling me that I have 2 accounts but I have only one account. When I asked about second account they do not answered to me. I want my fairly wined money.

Posted on August 7, 2009

We have forward this complaint to the reps of Pamper Casino. Hopefully, we'll receive their answer soon. Thanks for your patience!

Posted on August 8, 2009

Hello < name removed >,

I am sorry to inform you that your account will not be reopened. Pamper Casino has a very strict policy on multiple accounts.

You opened multiple accounts, were found doing so, and were warned never to do it again. At that time you assured us that PAM860216 was now your only account at Pamper and you had no other accounts.

Then we found clear evidence that you indeed had another account with us where you had used the alias "Jonas Jonaitis" which you claim is your "pseudonym".

I'm afraid we give only 1 warning in the case of multiple accounts. If you are found to have violated our rules again we simply close all your accounts and refund your deposits.

This has been done in your case as well.

We wish you the best in your future gaming endeavors, however, they shall not be with Pamper.

Posted on August 29, 2009

At first I get this leter: 

"Dear < name removed >

Thank you for contacting Pamper Casino Management. 

We have been informed that your credit card has been refunded up to the amount of your deposits. The rest of the Withdrawal has been sent to your Neteller Account, but was rejected by Neteller since the Account Number you provided was not correct. 

Please send us the correct Neteller Account number so we can re-send your withdrawal."

Re: I sended correct Neteller Account number.

Then I get this leter:

"Dear < name removed >,

Your account has been closed due to multiple accounts. You have sent an email using the name "J< name removed >" who already has another account with us - PAM313856. This is a classic case of fraud. We need an explanation as to why and how you are related to < name removed >. This after you were already caught having multiple accounts. All associated accounts have been closed pending further investigation."

Re: But I have only 1 accaunt and I dont know anything abaut PAM313856 this accaunt. "< name removed >" is my pseudonym. And I guarantee that with PAM313856 this accaunt Iam unrelated. its only coincidence. My accaunt is PAM860216. What I should to do now?

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