Paddy Power Casino - Confiscation of winnings (No bonus involved)

Fayana1 United Kingdom
posted on December 11, 2014.

On the 30th November I deposited into Paddy Power. I span on roulette and won a total of £5800. The next day I attempted to log in and was unable to; I checked my emails and low and behold I had been requested to send ID despite having previously sent it in August. Undeterred I sent the ID and phoned to ask what was needed to get this issue resolved as soon as feasibly possible. I was told it was a normal verification check and I would receive an update soon. Despite phoning numerous times between the 2nd and 10th of December and being promised multiple emails I received no acknowledgement of absolutely anything related to my win and also had multiple requests of the relevant regulators details to be emailed to me ignored (they promised to send but not once did they actually comply).

On the 11th December at 3pm I received the following email:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for being patient whilst we reviewed the 30% Cashback Promotion that you took part in towards the end of November.
After extensive review from both Paddy Power & our Software Provider we are unable to fulfil your Cashback payment.

A group of players including yourself have been found to have abused the promotion and therefore broken the T&C’s for both Paddy Power and the Promotion itself.

Furthermore, any winnings made during the promotional period will be held and your deposit returned to your account for you to withdraw.

Vegas Team"

Despite having wagered with my own money and not as part of any promotion. Additionally despite the fact they said even had I lost I would not be entitled to any refund; they have decided that as a winner risking my own cash I have no right to my winnings in the event I win. I have emailed them back to ask the to further explain this farcical decision but would like to take this to the open domain as if my previous interactions are anything to go by they will not be getting back to my in any timely fashion and certainly not in time for Christmas. I am shocked and appalled such a big brand would conduct themselves in such a manner.

posted on December 15, 2014.

Dear @Fayana1,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Fayana1 United Kingdom
posted on December 17, 2014.

I've received no update or reply to my email I've sent querying the decision. I will contact them in 48 hours and update you with their response