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Posted on February 23, 2023

Oxi casino blocked my account back in November. since then I'm trying to get any information why and ask them to provide me with chat logs, I have been ignored since then, they turned off my live chat for me, ignoring the emails but still sending promo email to my account even through its blocked.

I hope you can help me in this situation

Posted on February 27, 2023

Dear Oxi Casino,

Please let us know if there are any updates regarding this ongoing complaint.

Please note that, in case you fail to respond within the given timeframe, we will consider your case unresolved and it will be closed accordingly. As a direct consequence of such closure, the operator's ranking score on AskGamblers will be decreased accordingly.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Posted on April 6, 2023

Dear all,

This complaint has been reopened as per Oxi Casino request and the AskGamblers Complaint Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reach a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on April 7, 2023

Dear all,
We are sorry for the late reply and any possible misunderstandings.

The player’s account was indeed closed, however, there were no financial obligations from our side as the user's account had zero balance and all requested withdrawals were paid. The deactivating happened with the strict following of the Casino Terms&Co­ndi­tions, paragraph 3.1 (https­://­oxi.ca­sin­o/e­n/t­erm­s-a­nd-­con­dit­ions)

Oxi Casino Team

Posted on April 7, 2023

Dear Askgamlers and Oxi casino.
I want to point on few things.
1. Oxi casino is lying, my account is blocked because of "gambling issue" that you need see also mentioned when I'm trying to log in into website (see screenshot below)
2. They still sending promotions to my email each week which forcing me to play even thought my account is closed for gambling addiction.
3. When I mentioned my gambling addiction in LIVE CHAT OF OXI CASINO, I had balance over 1000+ EUR, but I never was blocked, only after I played everything and several days passed they blocked me.
In the end I would like to tell that Oxi casino never replied to my emails, they don't provide me chats logs that they have, because they know they are lying and failed their own terms and conditions and responsible gambling.
One last question to oxi casino before I get a reply? - was account closed immediately after player (me) informed your chat agent in the chat? I think we both know that answer is no.

All screenshots you can find below

Posted on April 7, 2023

Here are the screenshots

Posted on April 7, 2023

Also I want to tell that I asked live agents to stop sending me emails, but they don;t care, but its damaging me emotional and makes my addiction even worse

Posted on April 7, 2023

Dear @tylercon021,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint in a timely manner and attach to it any proof you may have in possession that could confirm the ingenuity of your account closure request (with all details such as date, emails, etc clearly visible) as well as that you specifically mentioned problem gambling is involved.

Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS Terms and Guidelines which you accepted upon registering and using our complaints system, you are obliged to provide the necessary level of assistance and cooperation during the process. Should you refuse sending the required ifno or fail to update your complaint in a timely manner, we will have no other choice but to reject the case and recommend you to forward it to the relevant regulatory body.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted on April 10, 2023

Hello @Askgamblers.
Unfortunately, I can not provide such prof yet, that why I made a complaint.
According to their answer about terms and conditions 3.1 paragraph.
They can close account without notice, but its not include gambling problems, so they can not randomly close account for gambling problems because they want, but my account is clearly closed for gambling problems.
2. I have been trying to get by chat logs since November but I basically get ignored
3. I hope you can help me to get information regarding my account that they clearly have.
4. I dont want to update my complaint yet, right now I want oxi casino to provide information regarding my account, since they just ignore me and refuse to communicate
All screenshots are attached

Posted on April 14, 2023

Dear all,

Casino has the right to close a player's account at its own discretion including the cases when we track compulsive behavior and suspect the developing gambling addiction.

The closure was made when all the withdrawal requests were paid and no financial obligations were left from both sides accordingly to Casino Terms and Conditions.

Oxi Casino Team

Posted on April 14, 2023

Please clarify, how you find out "developing gambling addiction" based on what criteria?
Also, please my messages above.
@AskGamblers, As I can see Oxi.casino still ignoring the messages and refuse to provide information I have requested.

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