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Omni Slots Casino - Payout cancelled because of "strategic betting"


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Omni Slots Casino


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shishi7 Germany
Posted on March 27, 2019

Dear AskGambler team,

I opened an account with OmniSlots last week because of good reviews and deposited a total of 2750 EUROS, ranging from 100-500 Euros each time. From 2 of these deposits, which were 500 Euros each, I managed to win a bit and made 3 different withdrawals of 1000, 1500 and 1000 euros. The first 2 deposits coming from the first 500 Euros deposit were given an OK status (also the site had a problem with my viewing my withdrawal history right from the beginning which they never resolved, so I had to ask the support to check if my withdrawals were ok). However after my third withdrawal I received an email stating that you will cancel my withdrawals and only deposit the last 500 deposit because of “strategic betting”. I asked them to explain how my betting was strategic as I play normal blackjack with high and low bets at random and it is all luck and if they had a problem with my way of betting they could have said so when I was losing 2750 Euros and not only when I managed to get lucky and win. However, they just repeated themselves and did not show any prove of that. I feel extremely discriminated as a new gambler. I have played the same way, mostly computerized blackjack across other gambling sites with no problems and I never managed to win as a net as it is not a winning strategy, just normal highering and lowering bets because of getting bored. I feel their claim is against fair play by confiscating my winnings and not reimbursing me for my losses and making the odds hugely on their favor more than what is expected from gambling sites. I like this matter to paid a closer attention too and I am extremely upset and displeased with how they treated me.