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Omni Slots Casino - Delayed 4700 AUD Payment for 14 business days


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$ 4700

Posted on August 20, 2019

Our support informed us that you had a query regarding a payout of 4700AUD that was not received
yet on your end.

I see that the payout was sent from our end on the 05/08/2019 and it takes 1-5 working days for the funds to appear on your account.

I would advise you to check again as well for the day after tomorrow as it might have been delayed due to the weekend in between.

If by then, it has not been received yet, please send us a Bank Statement showing transactions from the 05/08/2019 till the 14/08/2019
so that we can check this further for you.

Submitted bank statement to show no funds

Still haven't got a real answer or ETA after requesting an eta every day.

Posted on August 20, 2019

He Barry, I understand this is dragging on for a while, and that that is not pleasant if you won such a big prize.
Unfortunately everything on our side went well multiple times (just checked) which makes me think there goes something wrong on your side. To help you out asap I let you mail personally by one of our payment specialist after I mailed this. He will guide you through the process so it will not bounce again. Hopefully you will have it soon on your bank.



Posted on August 20, 2019

Hi Christa,

Thank you for your response; i have since received an email from your payments team; requesting my bank account details. '

I have confirmed ALL details with Westpac; and they advised they could receive this type of deposit.....usually within 3 business days,

Once again the bank details supplied to finance team; have been checked by the bank and are entered correctly.

i look forward to the deposit.



Posted on August 22, 2019

HI James.
I am sure it will be ok. Ping me via the chat here if not.

Keep on spinning !



Posted on August 22, 2019

Thank you Christa, I had an email today saying the payment will be processed soon.

It would be fantastic to write a reply on here when the money arrives on my end.....until then i am going to remain a little sceptical.

I will post back on here when I see the funds.



Posted on August 25, 2019

Still nothing on my end, which is not surprising!!!

Any updates OMNI?

Would like to have this complete; as you have assured me it will be!!!!!

Posted on August 25, 2019

He Barry, You were contacted by our team. They called our bank to sort out what went wrong with your payout. They executed the payout again -carefully monitored- and it was done. So if you now think we did not do our homework you are wrong. Do you really think we want to scam you after all of this ? Maybe the fact that the weekend is in between has something to do with it..don't you think ?
Have a nice Sunday my friend.



Posted on August 27, 2019

Thank you for the reply Christa.

The only thing is its Tuesday today and there is STILL NO DEPOSIT into my account.

The numbers are correct the codes are correct; I checked them, your finance team checked them, my bank double checked them!!!

Yet still no money on my end???

Can you please supply an eta for the deposit 3-5 business days was nearly a MONTH ago now.

Anyway always look forward to your reply.


Posted on August 27, 2019

He Barry, Maybe we should try to send it with a dove. That seems faster..
I dive into it again because now it also pisses me off..



Posted on August 27, 2019

Hi Christa,

I like the idea of $ by dove :)

But sadly the dove hasn't even arrived yet, just checked again with NO progress of this payment?

Speaking of doves; maybe start with sharing the love, since this train wreck began I have had NO free spins orCredits to play on at OMNI.

I though since im still awaiting payment OMNI might throw a little love my way by the way of $ or spins? would be nice :)

Thank you


Posted on August 28, 2019

Hi Christa,

Just checked again this morning and still no funds or love from OMNI.

I'm not sure why they continue to delay the payment.

Awaiting your reply.