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FortuneJack Casino - Not Paying Luckyjack Promotion

ohFJC United States Message
Posted on 06 January 2017

I was selected as a winner of the Luckyjack promotion. After 24 hours and the funds were not credited to my account, I contacted the casino. I was told that you have to press the "Try Luck" button every day. No place on their website states as such, including the FAQs on the game. If that is the rule, then fine, but you should have that listed somewhere on the website and in the FAQs about the promotion.

Didn't get anywhere with support, as after I notified them that no where on their website does it state in the rules you have to press the "try luck" button everyday, they responded with "It says that winners are automatically chosen, but in order to get winnings chosen player should click the TRY LUCK button." Even though it DOES NOT state that anywhere on their website.

Once again, if that is the rule, then I have no problem with it IF IT IS LISTED ANYWHERE on the casino. Which it is not.

Posted on 06 January 2017

Dear @ohFJC,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the amount of the disputed reward.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

ohFJC United States Message
Posted on 06 January 2017

Disputed amount is 100 mBtc. Casino has admitted in email that the rule was not stated on their website, and that because of my suggestion the casino has now added it to the rules. They are still refusing to pay the promotion even though this particular "rule" wasn't on their website anywhere before. I can provide screenshots of no such rule existing at the time I contacted them, as well as all email correspondence if need be. They even patronized me and "thanked me" for bringing it to their attention.

Posted on 09 January 2017

Hello dear @OHFJC

We would like to restate the general rules of LuckyJack promotion :

As you have been informed by support service the LuckyJack game rewards up to 10 randomly selected players on a daily basis.
The only requirement for the players are the minimal deposit of 10mBTC and obviously the participation in the game (Try Luck button on the main page of the game)
As stated on the game FAQ page the player participation data is refreshed every day at 00:00.
- Quote from game's FAQ "In case you are lucky or unlucky, doesn't matter. You can try luck again at 00:01, server time, every day."

You have been selected by the RNG system but as it was discovered and confirmed in your complaint that you haven't participated in the game on the respective date (Haven't clicked Try Luck), hence why you were unable to claim your reward.

Your complaint was announced after player Ranjith P has made the same claim.
As we have explained the rules of LuckyJack to the player Ranjith P suggestion was made to improve the description of the game rules and we have rewarded the player for helping FortuneJack improve our service.

Player was rewarded for his efforts as a part of Bug Bounty system established by FortuneJack and according changes were implemented to make the game rules more clear for the new players.

As per general rules of Bug Bounty players who have firsthand reported any issues or provided improvement suggestions are rewarded based on the complexity and relevance of the information provided.
Since we have already received said suggestion and started implementation process Bug Bounty reward offer was not made to you, but FortuneJack wanted to thank you for your time and offered a number of Free Spins in our Slot games.
You have denied said offer and decided to escalate the issue to AskGamblers service.

We are positive you will find this explanation sufficient and insist on you agreeing to receive Free Spins as FortuneJack's gratitude for your time and effort.

Best regards,
FortuneJack team

ohFJC United States Message
Posted on 09 January 2017

The fact that I made my claim after another player doesn't mean anything to me. Are you insinuating that I should search the Internet daily scouring the internet to find complaints like his? This is literally impossible and a hilarious suggestion.

The fact of the matter is, the rule WAS NOT stated on your website IN ANY PLACE. This has been confirmed by your live chat and your support email team. In fact, you sent me an email thanking me for notifying you and the rule was added to your website shortly thereafter. You adding the rule only proves to me that you kneeboarding it wasn't stated anywhere on your website when it should have been.

I refuse the free spins offer, as I feel I am entitled to the full reward. In no place on your website did it state that a player must push the "try luck" button to win. You confirmed this in live chat as well as email. This proves to me that you are making up rules and Ts and Cs as you see fit.

Posted on 13 January 2017

Hello dear OHFJC

Despite our previous explanation of the issue at hand FortuneJack has decided to take player's side and show our appreciation for an active community member.

We have credited the amount of LuckyJack reward of 100mBTC that would be automatically assigned to any participating member.

FortuneJack is happy to see you continue actively playing in our casino,
We thank you for providing us the opportunity to work with you and promise to make your experience even more satisfying and enriching one.

Best regards,
FortuneJack team.

ohFJC United States Message
Posted on 15 January 2017

I submitted a post on here a few days ago, I don't know what happened to it. I would like to say that FortuneJack handled this issue and provided me with the bonus. I would like to thank them and askgamblers for helping us come to a resolution!

Thank you FJ and AG!

Posted on 16 January 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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