Not paying and not answering

posted on July 17, 2011.

Hi my name is Eliezer levy

I played at Party Casino deposited 750 GBP and got a bonus 750 GBP on the 30/4/11

I played "Sands of Fortune" slots and had alot of ups and downs in the game

at the end I won over 9,000 GBP I was very happy with that, I then asked to withdrwal my winnings the Casino ask for doumentation with I sent them straight away , after a while of waiting I decided to call he Casino and see whats up with my money?

first time spoke to sanjie she said I am not going to get my money and that my account is to be closed ,then when I asked to speak to her supervisor she transfered me to sequrity department spoke to Hari who told me that I must check the Casinos terms and conditions and that the decision not to give me my money and my accout closure is final ,I asked where can I complain about this Hari gave me an email address of the Casino since then I have written many emails and its been a while no replay what so ever THEY HAVE STOLEN MY MONEY ....

This has taken a long time and I want to get this issue sorted so i will complaining on every online forumand all the write bodys possible about this Casino's ...SCAM...