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Casino Cruise - Blocked my account

smashash United Kingdom
posted on December 12, 2015.

I won 15000 off casino cruise I made deposits on 8th and 9th December and they were ment pay me out today all of sudden my account was locked them saying every matrix has locked my account then get phone call from manager saying every matrix is saying I have charged back money to them now. I then receive email saying from every matrix that casino cruise has contacted them saying I charged back there deposits I made to them whicjh I have not. now there is some charge backs which were wrongfully done to super lenny and to casino luck which is on every matrix platform but they were wrongfully raised and I have sent an email to casino cruise and to everymatrix again forwarding the email from complaints manager at Lloyds tsb which clearly state she reviewed my account and there was a error in raising these transactions fromt the bank. which the ones that were a error was not even anything to do with casino cruise also on letter if they tally up date amount deposits clearly states on letter from the manager at Lloyds that those transactions were not wrongfully disputed now feels to me casino cruise trying not pay out now with the confirmation from Lloyds manager saying that there persific transaction has not been charged back. and the other two companys dispute has been cancelled due to an error on banks part now waiting for them get back to me pay me out what I rightfully won

posted on December 14, 2015.

Dear smashash, we have read your complaint and are looking into this. We will inform you as soon as there are any updates. Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Casino Cruise

smashash United Kingdom
posted on December 14, 2015.

I feel that there is total misunderstanding and no one is listening from you and from every matrix I won money on your site u have no sister company as always informe and plus even if you did I have not faulted you I sent in my documents in good faith I enjoyed playing on your site now all this has happened every matrix even now there was chargebacks on lucky casino cannot take my winnings that won on your site I believe they think I charged back on your site. when charge backs were on other sites just on there panel of people they look after also with documents I have provided proves to the other sites that this was not my fault and banks error I aprecite you solve this ASAP as this casusing me massive stress

smashash United Kingdom
posted on December 14, 2015.

this is solid proof that winning of mine should be paid terms conditions says so as I have never charged back the bank statement proved it and so did the bank if you look clearly states on the 8th and 9th of December there has been no chargebacks to these amount these are the only amounts I have ever put into casino cruise. and as clearly stated unless you have proof from the bank that those transactions those exact amount on those days I deposited with you I would like to see nothing has ver been raised with you it does not say if any other account on the network of evey matrix if there been chargeback these are your terms I signed up to . like said I have never ever charged back proof all there that im entitled to my winnings in full


5.1. You warrant that:

5.1.1. You are not younger than: Of 18 (eighteen) years; or Any legal age at which gambling or gaming activities under the law or jurisdiction that applies to you require ("the Legal Age"); and

5.1.2. The details supplied when opening your Account are correct; and

5.1.3. You are the rightful owner of the money in your Account.

5.1.4. You are a resident in a jurisdiction which allows gambling

5.1.5. The money deposited is not derived from any activity which is illegal.

5.2. The company complies with European laws, regulations and guidelines for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Suspicious transa­cti­ons­/ac­tiv­ities shall be investigated by the company and, if necessary, a suspicious transaction/activity report will be made by the company to the competent Authorities. In any such event, the company is prohibited from informing any players or third parties involved, save in limited circumstances, that an investigation is being or may be carried out, or that information has been or may be transmitted to the competent Authorities. Furthermore, in the event of any suspicious transactions activities, the company may suspend, block or close the account(s) of the relevant player(s) and withhold funds as may be required by law and/or by the competent Authorities.

5.3. All transactions made by players on our site are checked to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and all other illegal activity.

5.4. By agreeing to the Terms you authorise us to undertake verification checks as we may require ourselves or may be required by third parties (including, regulatory bodies) to confirm your identity and contact details and to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing and in order to verify if you are subject to a sanctions regime (the "Checks").

5.5. The identity of the player will be verified on deposit, cumulative wager amount or cumulative withdrawals of EUR 2,000 within a 24 hours period. In such circumstances your account may be blocked and we may have to contact you and ask you to provide further information to us directly in order to complete the Checks. Your Account will remain blocked until you have provided us with such information. If you do not or cannot provide us with such information then we reserve the right to permanently close your Account. Additionally, you will have to provide identification whenever you make a withdrawal of funds amounting to Two Thousand (2,000) EUR or more.

5.6. If we are unable to confirm that you are the Legal Age then we may suspend your Account. If age verification has not been satisfactorily completed within 72 hours of you applying to register to gamble and depositing money, then your account will be blocked and you will not be permitted to gamble until age verification has been successfully completed. If you are proven to have been under that age at the time you made any gambling or gaming transactions, then:

5.6.1. Your Account will be closed;

5.6.2. All transactions made while you were underage will be void, and all related funds deposited by you will be returned;

5.6.3. any stakes for bets made while you were underage will be returned to you; and

5.6.4. any winnings which you have accrued during such time will be forfeited by you and you will return to us any such funds which have been withdrawn from your Account.


9.1 You may request withdrawal of funds from your Account at any time provided that:

9.1.1 All payments made into your Account have been confirmed as cleared and none have been charged-back, reversed or otherwise cancelled;

9.1.2 Any Checks referred to in paragraph 5 above have been completed.

9.2 Once we have approved your withdrawal you must give us sufficient information as to how the funds should be transferred to you. We will attempt to accommodate your request regarding the payment method and currency of your withdrawal. This, however, cannot be guaranteed. All withdrawals will be remitted only to the same account from where the funds paid into the player’s account originated. We reserve the right to charge a fee amounting to our own costs (including the cost of the deposits) for withdrawals of funds that have not been put into play.

smashash United Kingdom
posted on December 17, 2015.

still nothing casino cruise you should be sorting this out for me your legal team as I have not broke any terms and conditions with you as there been no chargebacks . with you. terms conditions set by every matrix separate to each casino I am in my rights for full amount winnings the casino luck charge backs that actually bank error and has been dropped has no effect on you and my winnings yes every matrix can shut all my accounts but they cannot take winnings from account there has been no breaches

posted on December 19, 2015.

We have been informed by the EM management via their Casino Cruise representatives that they acted according their terms and that they are not allowed any chargebacks as it can be clearly read in Casino Cruise terms #8.4.

By depositing money you agree not to make any charge-backs, reversals or otherwise cancel any deposits into Your Account, and agree to refund and compensate us for unpaid deposits.

This decision is made by an EM and Casino Cruise are acting upon their owner decision as all casino in their network. We consider this complaint resolved and officially closed.

If player is not satisfied with our decision we recommend to submit a complaint in front of the licence authority of the Casino Cruise.

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