Jackpot247 Casino - Not got money due to 'minimal risk' betting

James Smith United Kingdom
posted on September 6, 2014.

I recently signed up to jackpot 247 and played with the no deposit free 15 pound I read the terms and saw that this had to be wagered 99x which seemed very difficult. I also saw that you mustn't use minimal risk tactics which wasn't a problem as the majority of the time I bet red or black or odd and even depending on any streaks and occasionally I'll back a number or row. Anyway I did this for around 7 days and spent a lot of time betting and managed to meet the wagering requirements, however once I withdrew the 211 pound I had one I recieved and email saying that this had been taken away from me because of me using minimal risk tactics. I felt that this was very unfair as if I was going to do this then surely I would have been covering numbers and would have got the wagering amount down a lot quicker but this wasn't the case. I can't believe I spent all that time playing even though it doesn't clarify these minimal risk tactics I know that I wasn't as this isn't the way I play. I feel that my withdrawal has been wrongly declined and that I deserve the 211 pound I won. Surely if I was doing minimal risk tactics I wouldn't have won this much by the time I had completed the wagering amount and surely I wouldn't have lost very often which definetly wasn't the case as I lost the majority of my bets but happened to luckily win on the occasional number when I put one on but I never once covered the numbers so i feel that this is totally unjustified. James smith

posted on September 9, 2014.

We have reviewed the player’s account in light of this complaint. Upon checking the player’s withdrawal request our finance team analysed the player’s bets and saw that minimal risk wagering tactics had been used extensively during wagering. In section 17 of our main terms and conditions, along with the terms and conditions for the Free £15 Bonus offer, we are careful to mention the following:

"Not all bets will count towards wagering requirements, for example all variants of roulette games also contribute 100% towards requirements with the exception of any minimal risk wagering such as even money outside bets or any other bet placements designed to cover the majority of numbers on the roulette wheel in order to reduce the risk of the wager. We will assess any Players deemed to have used minimal risk wagering tactics in order to redeem their bonuses or cash prizes on a case by case basis in order to establish whether their bonuses, cash prizes and any subsequent winnings should be removed from their account and their account terminated."

This explanation of minimal risk bets does include an example of what we may consider to be minimal risk betting: “such as even money outside bets or any other bet placements designed to cover the majority of numbers on the roulette wheel”. To give some specific examples of what were considered minimal risk bets in the player’s gameplay, there were a number of bets that covered two columns and zero – this being 25 numbers in total, and therefore covering a significant majority of the table. Another example of a bet often used was covering black and even. This again would cover 26 numbers on the wheel and so was considered a minimal risk bet. With this in mind, and with the extent to which these kind of bets were used while completing the wagering, we have had to remove the player’s winnings in line with our published terms.

We would like to remind all of our players that if they feel the terms regarding bonuses would affect the way they play, they can deposit their own money and opt-out of bonuses, enabling them to bet exactly as they please and withdraw when they wish.

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