Non payment from Golden Cherry Casino

posted on February 28, 2013.

I can relate to the other guy that won 20,000 i to made a withdraw on feb. 15, 2013 and feb 16th, in the amount of 2500.00 and it sit in the cashier until feb 21st 2013, then i got an email on the 21st confirming all my separate deposits four of 500.00 and one of 300.00 and one of 200.00 all for the amount of 2500.00 were approved and being sent to my bank on file. well i get another email feb. 28th 2013 telling me that they received message from my bank stating wrong account number, now i triple checked these numbers and took a picture of my withdraw request online all six of them, and the numbers were all correct. and then i called my bank, they havent received nor did they deny any deposits. so now who is telling the truth here, and we the players are being taken by this casino, of whom let me tell you i have spent thousands of dollars at without any complaints, but boy when we complain of ligitimate concerns we dont even get the respect of getting our emails returned. i have cashed out at a few casinos and tops it only took 3 days, and only sits in the cashier for 24 hours this casino let my money set in he cashier for seven days, unbelievable. and yes i threatened them with all kinds of consequences, they are responsible to pay me i made the deposits and won honestly. and i cant believe we have to come thru places like this to get any answers i literaly emailed these people 5 or 6 times today with no answer. and chat was relaying the messages that joy, the finance lady was telling her, instead of emailing me back herself whats that say people scammers.

posted on March 10, 2013.

hi jwehrman,

we are checking your complaint.

i will advise shortly.



posted on March 10, 2013.


we dont understand your complaint.

We don’t control your bank! your bank specifically sent us an error message that the account number is incorrect. We asked for alternative bank details and you send another incorrect account (which doesn’t accept wires..). The last details you sent us will be resent for the third time (!!) tomorrow.

Please note that it’s not our fault. If anything, it costs us more money!


posted on March 13, 2013.

i have not got my money yet, they said they sent it out this past monday, and my bank says they havent got anything, nor an approval code which they should have gotten prior to getting the money.

posted on March 15, 2013.


posted on March 15, 2013.

What's really funny, is that Rick says he dont understand my complaint, lol, are you players reading this, I cashout on feb 15 today is march 15th, and rick doesnt understand the complaint, they have been sending me money every week. and i know they tell other players the same thing, unless they are accusing them of cheating,, or having multiple accounts, it's time to put these casinos out of business, and on the blacklist asap. this casino says my account number was wrong the first time, guess what no it wasnt unless they put it in wrong, because i have proof of the documents sent in to them with my bank account information, and have pics of the withdraws and my bank information, i am not wrong,,, but rick doesnt understand my complaint, these guys are a joke, using ploys and the same ole poor excuses to not pay the players.

posted on March 21, 2013.

well its thursday, and still no check, was emailed monday saying they were mailing me a check fedex. and of course no return emails all week.

posted on March 21, 2013.

hi There

it is not the casino fault your bank cannot receive the payment.

CS asked you to supply them with an additional cash out option.


posted on March 21, 2013.

everybody, dont believe this, the first and the last bank accounts i gave to golden cherry casino, did receive wire transfers, the first time they sent, they put in the wrong account number, and ask for a different account number, instead of resending it with the right account number, second time that bank didnt receive wire transfers, third time, that account did receive wire transfers called and made sure they accepted international wire transfers. and now supposedly my check was sent monday by fed-ex. and i should have gotten it by now, if it was. i send fed-ex all the time, it dont take that long, and it sure doesnt take that long to get a tracking number these people think we are stupid, well sorry rick you guys can prove all those times you say you sent my money to my lawyer, and ciga, because i know your liars, and so does everyone else on this site, and i wont close this argument, until i am paid either thru court or i really do get my money thru you guys.

posted on March 25, 2013.

heres a funny story guys, chat told me yesterday i would be get my fedex check today, and fedex has stated there is nothing sent to me. another lie, whats rick got to say about this. and of course they never sent me a tracking number of course not, cause there was never a check sent. liars, well i have my lawyer on it, i will get my money, but we are keeping this open i want everybody to know how they are.

posted on March 27, 2013.

Still not paid by golden cherry I want people on this site to remember golden cherry and their sister casinos titan, begado, winpalace and slots jungle you can find numerous complaints on all of them.

posted on March 29, 2013.

oh they havent responded to me in over a week now, there are nomore lies to be told, they told them all, after they supposedly sent a check by fedex, that was never sent no more emails, and they closed my account. i got news for them, i am going to get my money, i won't stop til i do, everyone that reads this, if you have played here or any of their sister casinos, titan, begado, slots jungle, winpalace, and they havent paid you, contact CIGA, report them, we will shut them down.