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NYSpins Casino - No available withdrawal options

95 hours left for Mattblack01 to respond.
Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 11, 2018.

Recently joined Nyspins casino and made 2 deposits from my visa debit card, i completed wagering requirements for any bonuses i received and i won $5000 nzd, when i went to the withdrawal there was no options and it said ( there are no withdrawal option at this time) so i cant do anything at all when i went to chat they tried to tell me my card is not able to be with drawled to as i have a BIN ??? trying to say the numbers which they call letters ? are not able to accept a deposit, so i went to the bank and what do you know theres no problems with my bank or card at all, they then told me to get a new card in my name and make a deposit to get the withdrawal option or use skrill or net teller, to make a deposit and then the withdrawl options will magicly appear, i told them its not true what there saying and im not falling for it, i asked for a bank transfer option they said what they already told me is only option­s..........isnt it illegal to not have any withdrawl option at all? i have the full over an hour of chat were they told so many lies its embarrasing, need help please to get my money and put a stop to them doing this again in future.

posted on July 12, 2018.

Hi Mattblack01
First off I’m very sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced playing at our casino. I have talked to our payments team regarding the case and it seems it was an issue the card issuer (in general not just specifically to your case) which resulted in withdrawals made bouncing back to us. We will soon have a new option in place to make sure we will have smooth sailing going forward. In your case though support have just sent you an email with information on what we need to do a direct transfer of your winnings. Once again super sorry for any hassle and let me know if there is anything else we I can do for you.


Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 13, 2018.

well i received your email, and to my non surprise, the finance team are lying badly again, i am being told you guys made several attempts to deposit my withdraw but the payment was funny since i haven't even requested a withdraw because i dont even have a withdraw option available to there have been no attempts to pay me at all, and secondly your team is trying to tell me that ALL of New Zealand cant receive i dont know who made this lie up but im sorry we live in the modern age and Visa is worldwide there is no such thing as a bad BIN number(first few digits) on my card that would stop my withdraw even if you did attempt to pay me, my bank has no issues at all nor my card, the bank laughed at me and said in no way this is true and no deposits have been attempted or made, so please stop suggesting otherwise and also your saying that New Zealand players dont have the option to do a bank transfer for withdrawal or any option at all infact, and that you will some time in the future rectify that, well my freinds who play on nyspins as well have the option to withdraw to there visa and they live in NZ so it seems its just me your picking on......well sorry but every casino as a basic option has bank transfer as the main option . i have sent my documents by email as requested and my bank details as well as swift code, why is nyspins making New Zealand out to be a third world country with no international payments ?? please just stop these lies and be a honest casino and get your reputation back in order, i will update as soon as nyspins replys to my email

posted on July 16, 2018.

The withdrawal options available to the user depend on the methods uses to make a deposit. Rather than magic, it is a very common practice for many operators to only allow withdrawals back to the same deposit method. For this user's case, the Visa option didn't show due to historic payout problems to that specific issuing bank. This also affected other users who used cards from that specific bank. It's an unfortunate user experience, but constitutes by no means an unwillingness to honour withdrawals of winnings.

While we are in the middle of adding a standard bank withdrawal option in the cashier, we do offer a bank withdrawal on manual request for now. You has been informed in more details about this, including further instructions on how to proceed with a withdrawal."

Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 17, 2018.

Ok im confused for many reasons as follows,

you say many withdrawal attempts to my account, now that is impossible as i never got a chance to submit a withdrawal at all as there were no options for me to choose one, so how can they be returned if they were never logged. (answer required)

secondly, you now have confiscated the winnings from my account and are claiming i did a $50 bet on the 2nd of july when i was wagering, which is not correct and if this was correct why would you make several attempts as you say to deposit my winnings. I asked for proof i was emailed 795 pages of transactions between games, now this didn't included such day you say i made one $50 bet, it ends at 1/07/2018 and you state i made that bet on the 2/07/2018 and by that date i had already completed wagering, (answer required)

thirdly, the pages you emailed me make no sense with there format and no times are on the pages as you said they are, i asked for the format breakdown so i can understand what im looking at but you replied saying column E shows bet amount and column E shows the bonus percentage used in the bet........there is no column E and how can 1 column tell you 2 things entirely different.

but your answer on this forum from yesterday says i can still make a withdrawal manually ???, please explain all these things i have brought to attention as i feel your trying to get out of paying me at every corner and it is not OK, so many lies and corruption. i was wagered i have a active debit card and there are no issues with my bank and no other casinos or persons have trouble depositing my money seems only you guys have issues with paying people and being a legitimate business. if anyone wants emails from myself to nyspins or the pages they emailed i will upload them asap i just want what is mine legally which is what i won

Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 17, 2018.

also i would like it if you can communicate solely on this forum about this issue as your emails to me contradict what you say on here and i would still like evidence of the wagering terms breach you say i made posted on here, thanks

Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 17, 2018.

oh and if what your saying is true about me breaching rules, you said i broke it twice once in the first welcome offer you say there was a single bet of $8, and in the second welcome offer a single bet of $50, now the first is irrelevant (if it even happened) because i had lost off that offer so therefore it was expired as i had taken advantage of the second welcome bonus, now you emailed me this in a email

*As you have breached this max bet rule for both of the welcome offers claimed, we can not consider this an honest mistake and have therefore forfeited all bonus winnings and further winnings made with these bonus winnings as per bonus rule R listed above.*

now if a single $50 bet was made while still wagering which isn't correct surely that would be classed as an honest mistake as you stated in that email wouldn't it ?l now if a single bet isn't classed as a honest mistake then what is ??

posted on July 19, 2018.

Allows us to clarify on the withdrawal topic. Your initial point was to report that no withdrawal option was available to you, which we acknowledged and offered an explanation as to why you were not in a position to request a withdrawal. At no point did we claim to have paid out to your individual account or card, for the simple reason that no withdrawal request could be registered for us to act upon. We had given you the context as to why the option wasn't there; an issue we encountered with other users, not yourself, where we had paid out their winnings, but who never received it. The problem back then was identified to be on issuer level. We're sure you'll understand that it is equally frustrating to not receive your money after we would have sent the money. That's why we pro-actively disabled the withdrawal options for card users from that specific issuer. The banks of the affected individuals were not able to use the detailed and technical information we had given them to troubleshoot the missing payout. Again, we're giving you the context of why the option is not available. No payout attempt to your individual card ever took place.

Regarding the manual pay out option: as mentioned we do not have a bank transfer method available in our cashier for technical reasons; but we do have a supporting facility to issue a bank transfer in the background, by manually inputting your bank details based on a bank slip you can send us. You have received such instructions already in our email communication with our support team.

Regarding your breach to the bonus TC you can see it in the July file we sent. Game was Tigers Claw and time stamp is 2018-07-02 10:42:05

Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 20, 2018.

well well well still you answer nothing really, i have an email or live chat screenshots stating that you attempted to pay me out but my bank has a wrong BIN number, so thats false, also im afraid your proof of wagering breach is still non existent you sent me up until the 01/07/2018 none for the 2nd on which you claim i breached wagering and on the 1st i was fully wagered as the pages show that you sent me and still you have given me no breakdown as to what the columns mean so show me the evidence on here like i asked for, as you guys cant be trusted it seems

Mattblack01 New Zealand
posted on July 20, 2018.

oh and it seems you have alot of technical issues with withdrawals but none with deposi­ts............funny that isnt no other casino has these troubles and i mean 0% of other casinos, so in lighten me to what your technical withdrawal issues are maybe i can i only have 2 legs to pull so find another leg to stand on........

posted on July 20, 2018.


Evidence was sent you to, as well as to askgamblers who are reviewing it right now.

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