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Pamper Casino - No response after Withdraw Request for $2925.36

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Pamper Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 2925
rypl44 United States Message
Posted on October 4, 2014

Good Afternoon AskGamblers community, Pamper Casino representatives, and reviewers!

I have been playing with Pamper Casino for a while now, with deposit history dating back to February of this year. In total, I have deposited over $2500 to Pamper alone, not including Operia's other casinos of BetDNA, Moneystorm, and AC (all of which I've also deposited to.)

I have made support requests in the past to Operia -- most of which were all out ignored UNLESS it had to do with deposit issues. I have also found that at times, their LiveChat support staff can be downright rude (Erick R., talking to you).

When I most recently attempted to make a Withdrawal request via their support interface, I was getting Nginx Server errors to try and attach my documents as proof. I sought help from LiveChat to submit the request. Erick's response, "Works fine for me." Then it turned into, "submit the request, and then add more correspondence to the ticket to attach the docs after ticket already created." Still had problems. Asked if Erick R. could find my problem or if my attachments were too large. His response? "I have no idea."

At any rate, I ended up emailing to accoun­tin­[email protected]­amp­erc­asi­ my attachment, which eventually updated my withdrawal request because of the ticket # being in the subject line of the email message.

The ticket withdrawal request is Ticket # RJF-709-59409.

With this withdrawal, I deposited $100, claiming coupon 2825GAMINATOR. I met the (somewhat ridiculous) bonus playthrough requirements of well over $200,000. The bonus balance transferred to my real money balance, turning into $2925.36 ($2825 + $100 original deposit, plus $0.36 cents from whenever I last played real money)

I promptly submitted my withdrawal request, as well as thorough documentation combined in one PDF (a bank account statement, TWO government-issued photo ID's (Driver's License and another, BOTH debit-cards used for deposits, the only ones used with Pamper, front and back). I have attached with this request screenshots of both my current balance and the initial deposit.

I have thoroughly read through all TOS and Withdrawal procedures, and have never held duplicate accounts with any online casino. So I believe I am 100% in the right on this one..

I have yet to garnish a reply. The Casino supposedly prides themselves in customer service, withdrawal requests, and "1-3 business day responses to requests", yet I have waited to hear for a reply of any kind. Not even a simple, "your request has been received and we are reviewing your withdrawal ticket."

By the way, in one screenshot, you can even see my Withdrawal request from September 06, 2014. I ended up playing through that balance, but still requested that my documents be verified for future expedition of withdrawals. I received no response or follow up, yet the ticket was marked as, "resolved". That would have really been beneficial for this support request, but I have no idea where things are at.

I am really hoping to have success with Operia gaming, as they don't necessarily have the best reputation in the community for withdrawals. It would be nice to give that a boost -- especially because all of their gaming software is incredibly fun and exciting. I am a web developer/designer and marketing professional, and am hoping to blog about how pleasant the gaming software is, as well as the withdrawal process. I have been on the phone with some reps before, and LiveChat numerous times -- nine times out of ten, they're all incredibly friendly and well-spoken, with the exception of a few. I come to AskGamblers to hopefully expedite the process of my withdraw for $2925.36.

Thank you, and with all respect,

rypl44 United States Message
Posted on October 6, 2014

I received an initial reply. Pamper seems to wait until the third day of a response (in my case, AFTER!) in order to reply. Despite having attached the documentation to the initial support request and having it blatantly available, I was told to "please submit documentation" before they could review my withdraw.

I have two problems with this:
1.) I waited 3 days to be told to attach what was already available, after it states before submitting a withdraw request that, if you would like to expedite your withdraw, you should attach the information to the initial ticket. It's safe to assume that whoever the accounting rep was failed to properly review or look for attachments in my request for 3 days.

2.) They send a link to a form for credit-card authorization, which is found linked no where on their site, or demanded as a requirement on the withdraw page. This results in an even longer delay. In case anyone who is going to withdraw from Pamper should see this, here is a direct link to the authorization form:

The reply I garnished from Pamper is in an image attachment, followed by me already submitting my documentation at an earlier date/time.

Posted on April 13, 2016

Dear all, 

Kindly notice this complaint is being reopened following the declared willingness on behalf of Pamper Casino management to do everything within their powers in resolving their outstanding AGCCS cases. AskGamblers Complaints Team will gladly assist by giving any of these old cases an additional chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on April 13, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team reached to the conclusion that player's claim could be no longer considered as valid upon evidence provided by Pamper Casino management. While we could understand player's frustration and disappointment of being left to wait for hours or days from the aforementioned casino brand before they review and verify the account, we would like to remind player that each and every online casino has the exclusive right to determine and apply its own verification policy and procedures depending on the requirements set within their licensing agreement. Unfortunately, AskGamblers Complaints Team is not able to influence such verification policy in any way. Moreover, it is up to you to refrain from playing until the verification procedure is over and you could request a withdrawal. Once you played and lost your money it means there isn’t a valid subject to claim for and therefore this complaint is being rejected.

In case of a disagreement with our decision, we encourage player to seek further assistance from the relevant licensing authority directly.

The case is now officially closed.

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