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Pamper Casino - No payment of winnings after more than 7 months!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Pamper Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 325
xlittleladyx United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 31, 2014

Hello everyone,I need to warn people about Pamper casino and here is why.I am a UK resident and I submitted my claim for $325 in winnings on the 14th March 2014,I was asked on the 17th March to provide i.d which I did.Pamper replied a month later on the 17th April saying only one item of i.d had been received and this was over 90 days old,this was absolutely not the case but I did what they asked and sent in numerous forms of i.d ,all recent ,all different (which actually concerns me that they have all these details) all the utility bills were well within 90 days when emailed to them and both my driving licence and passport all current,everything given was a valid form of i.d.On the 7th of July after sending in even more i.d ,eight separate occasions by now, I finally received a reply saying Pamper had received it and just now needed my Neteller account to proceed and pay me my winnings.On the 15th July I received a message thanking me for the Neteller details...."Thank you for contacting us. We're pleased to inform you that your withdrawal request for $325 via Neteller has already been pre-approved and has been forwarded to processing. All first time cashouts can take up up 14 business days to be processed and approved.
We truly appreciate your patience and understanding"
Since then 105 days have passed with messages asking me to fill surveys in about their performance dealing with the ticket and multiple apologies for the delay,each time saying it should take no longer than 3-5 working days ,I am a prority and more requests have been put in to "The Processor".I have spoken to two different departments via email,have spoken to Pamper via their casino messaging service and have spoken to operatives on line and via telephone and get the same reply that it is a priority to get me my payment and yet still even after 7 months still no payment.As I say this has now been going on for over 7 months,242 days.Is this a world record?The Casino just lies and has no intention of paying out my winnings which are 100% verified by both Pampers operatives and their terms and conditions.Pamper do nothing but lie and that goes for whichever department you deal with.AVOID this casino like the plague.

Posted on October 30, 2014

Please check your payment method as payment has been made.

xlittleladyx United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 31, 2014

Incredible!!! just over 24 hours since posting the complaint and Pamper have now paid.243 days trying with no joy and a day on here and they decide to pay,well that is the power of Ask Gamblers,thank you Ask Gamblers for posting my complaint and helping me get my winnings.

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