No pay out from Vegas Red Casino

posted on August 23, 2012.

hello there i took up the instant bonus and got this up to about 250 i then made a 20 deposit and got this up to around 380 i then lost had about 160 left i made a withdrawl for 130 the next day they told me it had been declined because i played an excluded game i sent emails and spoke to live support team telling them i had not played excluded games the next day i got an email them saying sorry it was not because i played excluded games it was because i misused the bonus i have now asked how i can misuse the bonus and i get the same reply all the time just posting me terms and c i asked them if i had 2 accounts they said no so i really can not see anything i did wrong yet i can not get a stright answer from this casino the amount was 130 that i have not been paid small amount of money but this is not the point