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Silver Oak Casino - No other payment options, but sending cheque?

Posted on January 8, 2016

First, I would like to say waiting for an approval for my withdrawal went smoothly. It took Silver Oak exactly seven days to approve $944 (I withdraw $1200 but minus the bonus amount of $256 equals $944). Although, after reading several complaints from other Silver Oak customers knew I was going to have problems. I sent them the SWIFT code to my bank (this is the code my bank gave me) in order to have my payment wired to me. I was told by Robyn in the withdrawal department that the code is wrong. As of matter of fact her exact words in the email was "HI Andrea, our finance department didn’t accept the SWIFT CODE from your bank. A swift code is a mix of letters and numbers code that determines the bank for international wires. Most likely your bank uses an intermediary bank for intl wire transactions. In this case we will have to send you a check not unless you have another bank that has their own SWIFTCODE such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Chase bank." Not before telling me that the wire department has issues and that wiring me my money could take up to a month or two. Really? How come if we go against the terms and conditions, we as customers can't get our money or there may be issues, but it's ok for them to do it. If after approval they have seven to ten days to send our payment, that should be rule to follow, not one or two months.

Anyway, I decided to inquire about getting a check instead. I've been suspicious about accepting a check because things sound fishy with it. First deposit it within 30 days and don't tell it's from a online gambling site. What? So, I ask is there another method of receiving payments because my bank do not accept international checks. Robyn said "I would suggest to check with your bank now, if not then you will have to open another bank account that accepts int’l checks." So, I have to be inconvenienced because my bank don't accept international checks, I have to open another checking account with another bank. No Silver Oak! Somethings should be explained clearly before you take our money to play. Your customer service and VIP rep. have no problem calling to get my money.

I don't have another bank account and have no reason to open another one just to accommodate Silver Oak Casino. My money is due me and I want my $944. I'm sure there is another way (debit card for example) we can resolve this issue or I won't be able to get my money. The problem with Silver Oak is you take our money easy, but make it hard to get it back when we win (and follow rules). This complaint is within my seven to ten days after approval. So, I want to make sure it is resolved on time.

Silver Oak Casino I want my $944, so let's figure out a way I can get it on time without issues.

Posted on January 8, 2016

I did open an another bank account so I can figure I did my part. Not exactly having the money for the opening deposit, but hey it's my money and it still belonged to me. I managed to get a debit card from the bank so I forward it over to Robyn because she did offer me another way. Direct deposit by bank debit card. I never heard of this being done. I was hoping they would seen me a prepaid debit card or something. Asking my bank about an international wire transfer seem a little suspicious to them since I just opened the account, I was ask a lot of questions so I opt out for that option and like before I'm not sure if I want to deal with issues about Silver Oak checks. Anyway, Robyn told me she will let me know later if everything is set with my payment method, having to check with our processors first if they can do a direct deposit to my bank. Now why wouldn't it be set, this is the last option she told me about? I did as told. I got another bank account and I sent over the front and back of the card. My $944 was approved on December 30, 2015. Seven to ten business days after that puts it at January 14, 2016 when I should receive my money, if the processors doesn't have a issue with my method of payment, if so there is no other option for me to get my money, therefore I opened another bank account for nothing. I have the email correspondence from Robyn as my proof if I need it, so Silver Oak do the right thing and give me my money because I would like to continue playing at your casino, but I can't if this doesn't go smoothly. I done everything you ask, now its up to you. Terms and conditions are meant to be followed including from you.

Posted on January 11, 2016

Hi fb_102­056­646­851­16042,

I can certainly understand your frustration. Unfortunately, some of the issues you've described are issues that don't occur solely with our brands--processing issues such as these are sadly, experienced with many casinos accepting U.S. players. Processing is a difficult thing, particularly on the withdrawal side. Smaller banks use clearinghouses and in those cases, processors are generally unable to wire with those third parties involved. Some banks have policies against accepting checks from foreign countries--this is mostly due to fraud...and completely unrelated to online gambling.

Anyhow, I do see notes that you're being contacted by one of our Escalations Managers to sort out a payment method that will work in your situation and I've no doubt this will be resolved quickly. I'll be keeping an eye on things to ensure this is the case.

All the best,


Posted on January 11, 2016

I thank you for the clarification and yes an method of payment have been agreed upon and I was told the 14th of January ill be the latest (seven to ten business days) the payment will be sent to my method of choice (allowing a few days after for processing by my bank). I will like to leave this complaint open until I receive payment. I can say Robyn was very pleasant to talk to and your response hasn't escalated the conflict, so I'm happy with that. When I do receive my payment, I'll be happy to leave a positive message about Silver Oak, only if my waiting time is as told.

Posted on January 15, 2016

Hi fb_102­­05­6­6­46­­851­­16042,

First, I'd like to say thank you for being so fair-minded and reasonable with this--I wish more players could take this approach. ;-)

I'm pleased to say that your payment was sent through to the Visa card as discussed.

All the best,


Posted on January 15, 2016

Yes, it was in my account this morning. I really think communication is the key (from both sides) and obeying the terms and conditions, in this case I think issues can be resolved and worked out for the best. Like I've said before, Robyn responded to every email I sent and although the payment issue was the initial problem, it worked out and I got my payment in the time frame she said it would come. So, in short Silver Oak did approve my withdrawal on time, the processed the payment on time and the number of days it took my bank to post payment was less than stated. I very satisfied, although this doesn't mean they everyone else will be so fortunate especially if communication is not there.

@Askgamblers you can closed this case as resolved. Thank you!

Posted on January 15, 2016

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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