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Casino Titan - No matter what hoops I jump thru cannot get money even after being told 3 times its on its way

pokerdad United States
posted on May 7, 2015.

well i tried to cash out $580, not a huge ammount but im 71 years old and an old age pensioner. so i send in the relevant docs i get told to small to read send more after waiting a month to get back to me. i then resend better docs twice more wasting another 90 days with my funds tied up in withdrawel, i then get asked to get a picture taken with me holding my passport next to my face, i did this , n was told i cant be wearing my eyeglasses lol, can u please retake the picture , well i live alone n had to ask my neighbour to do this twice n had to say i was gambling online a private thing, so another month or so goes by n finally i get told 3 different times my withdrawel request has been accepted so i request funds get returned to my account i message they say sorry make request again i do then a 3rd time now its been 4 and a half months , n last night i get a email saying that im not being cashed out bcos of my lack of play.hahahaha, my cash has been in witgdrawel since the middle of january how could i or want to play, it seems like they delay delay delay hoping youll give up then dangle a carrot of play more and youll geyt paid out hoping youll lose it all, i deliberately waited bcos they seemed so polite but now im just agry can someone please help me from ask gamblers , or could i deal with carla from marketting at casino titan, as looking at alot of similar claims get sorted by her. i am 71 i have diabetes arthritus and had a triple bypass at this rate i'll be dead by the time anything good happens , ive been super fair with them , they asked me not to post here n give them a few days that was a month ago, thx alot best wishes albert ******.

posted on April 29, 2015.

Hello Albert,
I will check your account and get back to you with more information shortly.
Best regards,

pokerdad United States
posted on April 30, 2015.

OK thx a lot i can provide some emails where they said my payment was approved expect yor cash in etc etc. but if u try n look at say my last ten online conversations with live chat ive been promised there couple of time i was all sorted but thx for your time i never been more frustrated n now angry at any online merchant in my whole life. but try n look at the timeline i was asked to provide sumthing. did n then 3-weeks later sumthing else over n over n over n over n never tellin me my cashout had been rejected. they waited till i got on live chat countless emails and email requests ignored, finally was told 3 times paperwork in order cashout process beginning, wait another 6-10 business day lol why but what the hell at least my nightmare over right.... wrong two weeks later cash is returned again no email no explanation redid was told by danielle in an email i have done all i need to do make cashout request n ill be fine as shown below.

Dear Albert,

Thank you for sending in your faxback verification form along with the supporting documents.

You will be pleased to know that your player account has now been approved for withdrawals purposes.

To make your request please go to the withdrawal tab in the cashier and enter the requested information.

Please note that we use only the information given on your faxback form for transfer of funds. It is your own responsibility to give the correct bank details in the cashier for withdrawal.

Please make sure to keep us informed of any changes to your address or bank account to avoid delays with any future payments.

If your account details change please inform us about it first and only after the confirmation of new details from us should you make a withdrawal request.

If you have any questions you can contact us via email, or you can contact customer support via phone and live chat 24/7.

Kind regards,

Danielle Huttington
Finance Department
then after ignoring 2 emails she writes back saying cashout denied i have to play more as my account player activity is too low and my cashout will be provessed once ive been gambling a lot again lol lol lol so my money being in constant state of withdrawel for 4 months dint have anything to do with whether i courd or even if i wanted play there why on earth would i risk a single bet here got 2 ways ill lose it or have to start a wholleee new withdrawel process all over again , im sorry i played a ton there b4 i requested my 1st cashout. i had 2500 profit i dint try n run down the bonus i bet the same n more on the same games n lost back 2k of it that should be enough i wont lose the rest .cant do it again till i get paid. best wishes n thx for trying 4
me anita.
albert cockril....l bomber1943

posted on April 30, 2015.

Hello Albert,

I am happy to inform you that your withdrawal was approved today!
Let me know if you need any further assistance.
Have a great day,

pokerdad United States
posted on May 2, 2015.

well that was amazingly fast , thank you anita 4 3/4 months worth of requests sorted in a day amazing, i have 1 more question to ask you. your games i rate 8/10.... bonuses 9/ chat 10/10........ cashout department 0/10...... you have a wonderfull site here yet bcos of that 1 department you guys get blacklisted here , i would change your cashout procedures as it seems every single complaint on here is bcos of this 1 terrible part of your casino you guys would be in my top 5 if not for that.... look anita i would love to play there again now my documents have been sorted out, but can u guarentee that if ive followed all the rules i will get a normal speed cashout and if not can i seek redress right away thru here. you were very fast and efficient and i thank you for putting an end to this stressfull saga and yes ask gamblers it is resolved thanks to anita and you. ( my comments earlier were only meant to strengthen a wonderfull site with 1 bad element). thanks again. albert < surname removed >. bomber1943 the money hit my neteller hours after was resolved fantastic.

posted on May 3, 2015.

I am happy that you've received the money already.
We will be glad to see you playing in our casino, and we'll make sure that your experience with us will be pleasant.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
All the best,

posted on May 7, 2015.

Based on player's last comment we consider this case as Resolved.

The complaint is now officially closed.

posted on May 7, 2015.

@Askgamblers, can we close the complaint?
Thank you

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