Gossip Slots Casino - Never Given Bonus on Deposit

nosweat1 United States
posted on December 26, 2014.

On 12/21 I was making a deposit into the casino for thirty dollars. An error occurred and it ended up doing two deposits for thirty dollars. I just found out today that was what had happened. All this time I thought that I never received the credit for that second thirty dollar deposit and it was going to go back onto my card.
I should have been given a bonus on that second deposit but was never given an option on it..these deposits credited my acct about twenty seconds apart. It was during the days of Christmas promo and I had a bonus available for 100% that I should have received. I have asked live chat for the bonus and was refused. I was told that since I now have a pending payout that I was not eligible. What I am trying to explain is that payout was on a session two days later. That payout was requested after I had made another deposit into the casino two days later. Had the system worked correctly, I would have received the bonus on that second deposit. I am simply asking for a bonus to be granted on that second deposit. I would have been happy with anything on it , but I was told that I could receive only a fifty percent bonus on my next deposit which is a joke because I am eligible for a 100percent bonus anyway. without doing anything special. I am hoping this can be corrected and the bonus credited to my acct.

nosweat1 United States
posted on December 29, 2014.

Management has already fixed the issue, thanks for your help