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NetBet Casino Is Not Willing To Pay Legitimate Winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino NetBet Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 2673
Posted on May 18, 2015

I played a bonus that was related to a 200 deposit I made in January and won 2600 EUR.

They sent an email they are willing to pay by wire transfer and I was requested to send my documentation including Swift information and a bank statement.

I sent them everything they asked for and eventually they asked to speak on the phone.

They said they are going to call to the registered phone number in my account but the call never arrived properly.

Instead they sent an email they are not willing to pay

There were 8 calls that I couldn't hear the person behind it and I told them about it but I am not sure it was them or not.

Dear galumna6,

Thank you for choosing!

We inform you that your € 2673 withdrawal request will be processed via wire transfer.

In order to complete the transfer, our payment agent requires that you send us a copy of your bank statement. Please note that the copy of your bank statement must contain the Swift code.

Dear Sandeep,

Thank you for providing us with your bank statement, it was successfully uploaded to your file.

However, in order to verify your account, we would need to speak with you over the phone. Therefore I would kindly ask you to confirm your phone number and a suitable time frame for us to call you.

Looking forward to your reply,

Best regards,


Dear Sandeep,

Thank you for your confirmation.

Please be informed that one of our agents will be contacting you as soon as possible on the number you provided.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,


Dear Sandeep,

Thank you for your patience with this issue.

I can inform you that our security department has determined that the details on this account do not correspond to the
individual using the account, so the account is permanently closed.

The 200.00 deposit will be refunded to the Neteller account which it came from.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


Posted on April 16, 2015

Dear Sandeep,

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving us the chance to shed some light on your case.

As we have previously mentioned to you, your player account and gaming activity were carefully investigated by our Security Department.

Please find below what our Security Department found after completing their investigation:

-you accessed the website at the same time as another player and using the same IP address
-both of you deposited the same amount and used the same deposit method
-both of you used the same promotional offers
-the two accounts had very similar gaming activity

Given that the two accounts exhibited almost identical gaming behaviour, we concluded that they were being used by the same individual. As a result, we blocked the accounts and refunded the deposits made.

For any future reference, here is what our Terms and Conditions say concerning the use of more than one account to play on our website:

3.4 In the event of misuse and/or the opening of an excessive number of accounts (one per player), abuse of promotions, bonuses or any other offers promoted by us, NetBet reserves the right to close or block the accounts of the client in question until the matter between NetBet and the client is resolved.

5.5 A Player can only possess one account with NetBet, and NetBet reserves the right to close all multiple accounts that are open, under the same name or connected to the same person, and in this case, NetBet will credit the first account that the Player opened with NetBet with the balances from the other accounts that would have been closed. If NetBet has reasonable grounds to believe that the Player has committed or attempted to commit any fraud, NetBet reserves the right to cancel any transaction pertaining to it, without prejudice to any other action.

17.5 Cosmo reserves the right to cancel this Contract and to close your user account, at any time, without any reason, and at its sole discretion, or if certain activity on your part is brought to the attention of Cosmo Ltd and or its members, including but not limited to fraud, failure to abide by one or more clauses in this Contract, abuse of bonuses and other promotions and/or the improper use of the Application.

Hoping that our reply will lead to a fair resolution of this complaint.

Best regards,


Casino NetBet

Posted on April 17, 2015

If the facts you mentioned were true, you wouldn't send the email saying you are going to pay by wire transfer.

You also wouldn't send an email you want to see my documentation.

If this was true, you wouldn't ask to call me.

If this was true you wouldn't ask for my bank account information in order to process the funds.

Only after you received everything you wanted, including me waiting for your call you came with these excuses.

I kindly ask you to show your proof, show a proof that other players used my IP, show your proof that other played same as me, show your proof other did exactly the same as you say.

If I want to do such thing as you say, why would I use the same IP ? it is obvious that by using the same IP your system will lock my money and I will never be paid, why would I risk my funds in an obvious situation of not being paid.

What you say is not true and I am sure you won't be able to show proof of your serious accusation, it just doesn't make any sense.

Posted on May 18, 2015

The complaint has been reopened upon NetBet Casino's request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on May 18, 2015

Hello again,

We would like to thank the Askgamblers Team for re-opening the complaint and giving us the chance to post a final comment concerning this case.

Given that “galumna6” and another player exhibited almost identical gaming behaviour, our Security Department performed an investigation and concluded that the two accounts were controlled by the same person.

Our conclusion was based on the following factors:

-the two players accessed the website at the same time and using the same IP address, even though they lived in different cities
-both players used the same deposit method and deposited the same amount in order to get the maximum first deposit bonus
-both players used the same promotional offers
-the two accounts had very similar gaming activity

Given that ensuring a fair gaming environment for everybody is of utmost importance to us and that the two player accounts displayed suspicious behaviour, we were bound by our Terms and Conditions to investigate and take the necessary action.

Therefore, in order to eliminate and discourage fraudulent activity on our website, we refunded the deposits made and the two accounts will remain permanently closed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,


Casino NetBet

Posted on May 21, 2015

You are using every trick including in this site in order not to pay.

You took your time to re open he case while bringing no new information but repeating exactly the same, you didn't even respond to my question, why you remember to mention the multiple account only after all dcuments and bank wire information and phone call was requested and replied.

The fact you took your time and asking now to reopen the case is just another trick in order to be granted a resolve status hoping the player will forget or won't notice the reopen of ticket. Askgamblers people know all the tricks and I hope they will check your accusation of IP you claim, can you show askgamblers your proof because you are not telling the truth.

The reason it is so obvious to me is because when you have such information against a player you don't send an email you want to speak to him on the phone, you don't ask documents and you don't send an email you wish to pay by wire, you immediately close player account and tell he tried to defraud the casino. This was not the case and you didn't responded to it.

Posted on May 22, 2015

Hello Sandeep,

Thank you for getting back to us.

Contacting our customers by phone and asking them to provide us with the copies of their documents is part of our Know Your Customer policy that is applied to all our players.

After analysing the information you have sent us, as well as your gaming activity on our website, our Security Department concluded that you committed fraud.

Given that we have already provided you with all the necessary details concerning the outcome of our investigation, we consider this matter closed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,


Casino NetBet

Posted on May 25, 2015

This is not a process as you claim here. You decided to pay by wire transfer instead of paying back to my NETeller, it means you had a decision in your hand waiting for bank account information, if it was the automated verification procedure you wouldn't send the special email saying you are going to pay to my bank account. To continue that after you did receive the bank account information which you hoped you won't get you asked for the phone call, when you got the right time to call me you decided well we don't want to speak to him we just want not to pay him but couldn't find any reason before and also now so we just won't pay him and he can wait for the call forever.

You didn't show any proof of your claims, you claimed I opened many accounts at your casino this is a lie, I never opened more than one account. If you show any proof the same IP was used I will shut up, but you didn't show any kind of proof, I deny the fact I opened multiple accounts and I say you don't speak the truth because the process itself that took couple of weeks show totally different to me.

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