NetBet Casino - Withdrawal not processed

posted on February 25, 2014.

I realised that my withdrawal request from NetBet hadn't been credited to my account. I emailed NetBet to ask why the withdrawal was still "processing" after several weeks. They were quick to reply to tell me to send them a visual copy of my debit card and a bank statement, which I did.

I never heard back from them and I have chased it with an email but they haven't responded. Bad customer service.

posted on February 26, 2014.


In reply to your message, we remind you that the copies of documents were first requested on the 27th of January, immediately after you registered your withdrawal. In addition to this, we continued to send you the same e-mail every few days, until we received the copies.

Please consider that your file was complete on the 25th of February, when you sent us the requested documents.

We assure you that your file is complete now and your winnings will be processed as soon as possible.

Hoping you find this information useful, we wish to thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Kind regards,

Netbet Representative

posted on January 6, 2015.

This case has been reopened upon casino's request.

Dear @Emilie88,

We have been informed by the casino management that your payment was successfully processed. Please confirm.

posted on January 10, 2015.

It's a nice practice to confirm if your complaint resolved or not, thank you.

posted on January 14, 2015.

We have been informed by the casino management that player's payment was successfully processed. We consider this complaint resolved.