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Casino Midas - Claimed I played my withdrawal amount when I did not!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Midas
Reason Declined payment
Amount R 20000
Singh South Africa Message
Posted on October 3, 2016

I have deposited with Casino midas on Monday 26 September via Easy Eft and redeemed a 200% bonus coupon. Upon completing the playthrough, I had a withdrawal amount. I was thrilled so I decide to do a withdrawal. When I went to the withdrawal page, I was ask to contact customer service which I did on the live chat. I was helped by Richard and advice him that I wanted to do a withdrawal. He said to me that in order to do a withdrawal I will need to email them some documents and asked for my valid identification card, recent proof of address and photocopy of credit card. I advice him that I do not have a credit card and so he said identity card, bill and statement.

I emailed the documents on Tuesday and I received a reply stating that they got my documents and also gave me a Ticket Number.

On Tuesday evening, I received a email from Melodie congratulating me for my winning and confirmed having received my documents but request my credit card. I replied to her stating that I did deposit via eft and not credit card.

On Wednesday morning I received a email from Richard whom I initially spoke to stating that they required my credit card as it was used for one of my previous deposits.

I then got onto the chat and chatted to him explaining it was not a credit card but instead a cheque card and that card is now cancelled and has been replaced by the bank. He insisted it was still required and so after our chat I had emailed him the copy of my cheque card. I referred to our conversation in the email and as per our conversation he also requested my bank statement which I had attached and sent. I then got a reply that they will get back to me as soon as possible.

At around midday of Wednesday, I sent another email asking for a progress on my payment & if it had already been done.
When I didn't get a response, I then went onto the chat on Wednesday and chatted to Eduardo who then asked if he could call me which he did. He confirmed that he was going to chat to the relevant department and ask them to expediate my claim.

On Thursday morning I sent a email back following up on my payment. I got a reply confirming that they received my email. I then went onto the chat and chatted to Eduardo again and he now tells me it will take 4-6 days but the emails all state 1 business day.

On Thursday at approximately 7pm I now receive a email stating that there were missing documents and that they now required my proof of address. I replied immediately to state that it was already sent on the 27 September. At around 10pm I get another email stating that my proof of address is still required.

On Friday morning I then send a email with my proof of address again for the 3rd time also explaining how many times I had sent it and that I was expecting to have received my funds by now not to be still sending documents.

When I did not get any feedback, I then contacted the live chat and chatted to Eduardo who now advices me that I had R20000.00 and now no longer have that winning. I was shocked and asked questioned. He then asked if he could call me and I agreed.

After a while I get a call from Melodie who had initially congratulated me on my winning. She was extremely rude and not polite. her opening statement was "This call is going to be very brief" good day or how are you....nothing at all. I replied okay. She then go on to say " you had R20000 and you then played that amount". I said no I didn't. She then say " listen I don't know what your situation is like at home or if you have kids that played with your phone but that R20000 had already been played and your balance is R1.19. I tried to explain but as I was talking she say sorry if you shout I am going to end this call and as I tried to say I am not shouting but try to explain, she then just say "have a good day" and the call then ends.

So my problem is that she didn't know how to be polite initially but knew how to say have a good day when ending the chat. She didn't even listen to anything I was saying. She was too quick to defend the situation and throw the blame on my kids.

This is not acceptable. My kids are have their own phone and we don't touch each others phones. So the way I look at this and my experience of all the delays and continuous request of the same documents over and over again leads me to believe that this was bound to happen.....that my winning will disappear and the several requests were all delaying tactics. From other reviews this is not surprising about this casino.

All I am saying is that I want my winning of R20000.00.

Posted on October 6, 2016

Dear @singh,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Singh South Africa Message
Posted on October 6, 2016


Thank you for your response. However I have not heard or recieved any mail from Casino Midas. I have 2 contact numbers for which i can not get a hold of them on.

I am hoping to have this matter resolved soon. Thank you once again.

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