My withdrawl request from Casinoval

posted on August 12, 2012.

To whom it may concern,

Hello my name is Jaime Fernando and I am sending this message in the hopes of resolving an issue I'm having regarding my withdrawl request at Casinoval. About a week ago or so I had put my withdrawl request in for my winnings which was for the amount of $500.00, Casinoval had requested I submit proof of identity, current address and copy of my drivers license along with a copy of my deposit method which I had used just prior to my request . I submitted ALL of the documents in which they had asked for, within a day or so they sent me an email stating that they had recieved my information sucessfully and that my withdrawl request was being processed. A day or so later I had recieved another email from Casinoval stating that they needed me to provide all copies of every prepaid non reloadable gift card that I have used while playing at their casino, I told them that i have provided all required documents including the most recent prepaid non reloadable gift card copy which I used to deposit before my request. It seems very unfair and almost impossible for me to provide the casino with every card I used which would have dated back to 2011 and since they were all prepaid non reloadable gift cards once the balance is 0 they are no good anymore, They then told me that my withdrawl request was cancelled ?

I enjoy playing at Casinoval and feel I have been treated unfairly for my withdrawl in which I am fully entitled to recieve!!! I would like to continue playing at their casino but will not do so until this matter is rectified and I recieve my winnings that I am !00% entitled to recieve. Please if someone could please assist me with this matter it would be greatly apprieaciated.


Jaime Fernando

posted on August 16, 2012.

Casinoval informs that this complains has been attended and solved two days ago. We communicated with the player and gave him all the explanations on the case. We consider that he was happy with our answer as well as with the payment received.

We would like to add that for us every player is very important and we work every day in order to fulfill all their expectations about our casino.

Kind regards,


posted on August 21, 2012.

 We've received an email from the player stating this complaint is solved! So, case solved!