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Mobilebet - Missing €2,789 due to currency issues with their website

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Mobilebet
Reason Other
Amount € 2789
oskarg98 Sweden
Posted on February 12, 2019

First of I wanna say Ive been a customer on Mobilebet for many years, playing regularly. Never had any problems before that I can think of. This december on Mobilebet my account went from having my balance in SEK to having it in €. This is basically what caused my problems. Because the money I had in SEK (27 710.85SEK), turned into 27 710.85€.

I cant believe this even became an issue because I wrote to Mobilebet as soon as this happened and informed them. Asked why I had 27 710.85€ in my account instead of 27 710.85SEK or something equivalent to that in €.

Ill take it from the beginning, I made a deposit of 3 333SEK and got a 30% bonus, resulting in 4 333SEK in my account. That amount soon went up to 27 710.85SEK in a few days and I was almost done with the bonus rollover. When I logged in around Christmas they had turned everything into € and I had recieved a new bonus to deposit 100€ and receive 50% extra. I did this deposit and noticed that my balance was now a big mess. It said I had something like 27 710.85€ + 150€ when it should have said something else like 2 789€ by todays rate.

I immediately wrote to them in the chat about this and asked why it was like that and asked what I was supposed to do. They told me to wait and they would email me back. I said sure but hurry up because I have a bonus to rollover that expires in like 10 days.

I got no email from them and a few days later my account got temporarly closed. I asked them via chat what was going on and they said it was just a "routine check" and that it would soon be solved. And I reminded them that my bonus was going to expire in a week or so and they said if necessary they would be able to prolong it or something like that. I got tired of asking them every day so after a few weeks I found my account opened again. Only thing was that my balance said 0€.

I went to the chat and asked how was this possible? Ive never even lost any money from my two last deposits, how can it be 0€? It should be something like 2 789€. The guy in the chat couldnt say more than that the responsible department said they had paid out to much in winnings and then took back what they paid out, and corrected the balance. And all that would be OKAY and make sense if my balance was 2 789€, but 0€? Is this a JOKE?

Anyways, I thought this would be easy for them to fix but they keep saying that they paid out to much in winnings and that they corrected my balance, doesnt take a genius to figure out something is wrong when my balance sais 0€ but yeah apparently on Mobilebet it doesnt ring a bell. Im trying to figure out how they can come to the conclusion my balance should be 0€, and I think they think like this:

I deposit 3 333SEK, turn it into 27 710.85SEK,
add another 150€ to that with my second deposit, making it 2 789€ in total.
They turn it into 27 710.85€, meaning they "paid out" aproximately 24 922€ to much.
I informed them about this,
they wait a couple of weeks for my bonus to expire, making my balance alot less than what it should,
they deduct the 24 922€ they "paid out to much" to my already to lowered balance, making it less than 0€, so my account sais 0€.

I cant think of any other way, but if this is the case, its totalt wrong. I shouldnt be punished because their site messes up my balance so they need to close my account should I? Is winning 2 789€ and then having it reduced to 0€ the correct correction? In what way is that "correct". Should I lose my deposits and my winnings when I havent done anything wrong?

This doesnt sound right to me. I will fight over this money because its alot of money to me. I just thought I should let everyone know what kind of reasoning theyre using. I havent done anything wrong, they havent claimed I have done anything wrong either, just that they "paid out to much" so my balance got corrected to 0€... I dont know if I should laugh or cry to be honest...

And I can back all this up with screenshot of my transation history. This is just stupidity at its finest.

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