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Winner Casino - Missing funds from casino account

posted on August 4, 2014.

Whilst playing european roulette on my iPhone ( i managed to turn £51 into £500 however one i exited the game in order to withdraw the funds i noticed that the balance reverted back to £51. Now having had a similar situation once before using bet365 i wasnt too worried as the operator i spoke to quickly brought up my gaming history and rectified the fault. However on contacting none of my gaming history for that day was accessible and to be perfectly honest the customer service i received felt quite amateurish all be it very friendly.

After 45 minutes of discussing my complaints and several tests later, still no resolution was found and i was told it would be passed to a higher investigation team who would be in touch. I then each day proceeded to get in contact to find a response but for some reason this took 5 days and as looked increasingly obvious to be 'no gaming fault was found, nor any fault with my balance'. By this time i was extremely annoyed as i felt the service was inappropriately long, unhelpful and unappreciative as i am a vip member who to my knowledge has lost several thousand of pound with and have not made any complaints previously.

As expected i am now disappointed and frustrated and hope that you maybe able to help myself in getting the money that i am rightfully owed.

Many thanks

posted on August 8, 2014.

Dear @theajd,
Any update considering your complaint?

posted on August 9, 2014.

No update. They keep refusing to believe anything happened and i have now closed my account with them out of principle and i am in the process of contacting directorate of offshore gaming. Antigua and bermuda.

posted on August 11, 2014.

It is of extreme importance to Winner that the trust and confidence of our members is earned. This is a central goal here at Winner Casino and it is the key to our success. Our aim is to provide the casino players with a feeling of comfort at our tables day in and day out.

We have made a thorough investigation on the current issue about the missing winnings on the game - European Roulette and with the help of one of our Technical Specialist to ensure that your account activities and game sessions are carefully looked into.

Based on the result of the investigation that the winning amount shown on your end did not reflect the actual winnings based on the game. The game play itself was not affected by the graphical issue and considering this, we can say that the outcome of the game was valid and was not altered in any way. We can also see here that there are other Roulette game sessions where winnings were registered which shows that the game is properly working.

Being one of our most loyal customers and a VIP club member in our casino, we appreciate your business with us and this is the reason why all the resources available were exhausted and all bit of details were carefully checked to get a complete and unbiased result based on actual facts on your account.

We hope that this have fully rectified the case.

posted on August 12, 2014.

Well clearly there is something wrong. I would not have wasted my time and effort complaining if something had not been right. As in previous days i had far greater sums and never complained due to the fact i believed was a fair gaming site. However this ordeal has proved me wrong and i advise anyone never to touch as you simply never know if they will help themselves to your winnings