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Meridianbet Casino - error code every time i spin

posted on February 9, 2014.

i get error code after 2 spins thats all for to day 2 spins per day on this casino ive emailed hundreds of times to get the same reply we will send it to IT next day email its fixed log in and play i reply not fixed same reply send it to it over and over again i deposited 30 pounds they will not even ansewer me when i ask for it back also it charges for the spin but does not give anything you win so catch 22 they keep sending back to log in it takes my money but does not pay the money this is got to be the worst customer service in the world i have loads of the same emails they say the same thing ive told them i canrt play on the casino but they dont even reply when i say its time to talk about returning my money so now im left just sending emails saying send a check wheres my money

posted on February 25, 2014.

Dear player,


we are really sorry to read your completely false post.


Facts are following:


- for 1 month you have sent us over 219 emails (most of them just spam) from 5 different email addresses.


- you have received from us over 60 answers approx. in 12 minutes (in average) since we receive your question.

- problem that you mention was solved by Microgaming instantly

- your total deposit was 30 GBP, total number of spins = 38, total value of bonuses = 5.85 GBP, 

and currently  you have 19.81 GBP available on your real money account.

- there was no single withdrawal request from you until this post

- we will treat this post as you official request, we will start payout procedure immediately,

and in that case please cooperate with our support team.

 - because you dont have any intention to gamble, and your spamming activities are against our regulations,

we will close you account after we return your money back to you.

- there will be no answer back by our support team, to any of your future posts.


posted on February 27, 2014.

sorry i have only 2 emails one saying send it to IT another saying the problem is solved you may have sent it more than once but it was exactly the same you have ignored my request to have my money returned if you say its fixed and log in and i but its not fixed of course my balance has gone down but i have explained this in emails i havent played on the site one or 2 spins is not playing how can you say my complaint is untrue that is exactly what has happened you keep saying its fixed log in 2 spins and error code yes i have sent you alot of emails why not you only ever send a standard email with the same reply can i ask what arangments you are making to return my money because you havent made any with me i emailed you yesterday asked why you just ignore me when i ask for my money you have never ansewerd nothing i have said is false

posted on February 27, 2014.

also can i add i have asked you to close the account and return my money but you didnt close it and you have made no contact with me about returning my 30 pound .

posted on February 27, 2014.

i have asked you who regulates this site but you havent told me yet so who does regulate you i joined in january and no the problem is not fixed last time you told me to log in 3 spins and error code this has occurred on one other site where i got error code after one or two spins only diffrence is the error code spin did not come of my ballance oh yes and the big difference is that they returned my money after the first time they sent it to IT and asked me to try again i dont have one email from you saying any thing about returning my money no ansewer as to who regulates you you have the worst customer service i have ever come across that just sends the same email over and over again i do no why my 30 pounds means so much to you i asked in january for you to return it got a email saying it gone to IT then another saying it fixed this is so frustrating i could scream you now list how many spins i have done on your request when you tell me its fixed to log in and play but no not fixed i deposited on your site in good faith then you ansewer my complaint on here by saying its untrue sorry you are the worst site in history its not so much the error code IT problem that you cant solve but why not just return my money when i asked a couple of days after joining

posted on February 27, 2014.

most gaming sites are secure with peoples iformation but not meridian bet i log in here to day and find you have put for public viewing my sir name plus my email this infomation was given to you on the understanding it was safe to do so i can only conclude that i was not safe in giving my details to you that beside the bad service you have provided me with ie the same 2 emails you send over and over no matter what mine ask you i get the same reply its been sent to IT and then its fixed then on top of all this you say my claims are not true thanks to who do have instant chat my details are no longer on view i once read on a review site not play on sites that have no instant chat i should have took this advice

posted on February 28, 2014.

In light of the inaccurate response provided by Meridian Bet I would like to advise potential customers to exercise caution when considering joining this site. I opened an account with Meridian Bet in January this year. I made an initial deposit of thirty pounds and to date I have still been unable to use the funds I deposited in good faith on to this site.

Having completed the registration form and made my initial deposit I launched one of the slot games. After spinning one or two times an error message appeared stating 'An error has occurred. For assistance please contact the Casino Help Desk and quote error 0'. After receiving this message I restarted the slot game. Again, I received the same error message. At this point I was not overly concerned and thought it must just be a temporary issue. I subsequently tried various other slot games and again received the same error message after one or two spins. I reloaded the website, restarted my computer, tried a different browser and finally tried a different computer. Unfortunately, none of these actions worked and I was still unable to use the slot games.

Having spent quite some time trying to work out what was causing the problem I decided to contact customer support. Unfortunately, Meridian Bet do not have online support and the only contact number available is an overseas number. As a result the only available option was to contact the site via email.

The next day I received an email advising that the IT Department at Meridian Bet had resolved the issue and I would now be able to play the slot games. I logged on to the site and attempted to use my funds but once again received the same error message after one or two spins.

Since opening the account with Meridian Bet I have contacted them over one hundred times by email and each time I receive the same standard response but unfortunately the problem is still unresolved. I am unable to use the games but each time I attempt to use the games the money that I wager is deducted from my balance even though the spin is not completed and results in an error message appearing. In addition any time the one or two spins I manage to make results in a win the funds are never added to my balance but the amount wagered is always deducted.

I have asked for my account to be closed and for my funds to be returned to me but I have not received any response from the site other than to advise that the issue has been resolved. For the record the issue has not been resolved andI have taken screen shots tonight from the site which demonstrate that I am still unable to use the slot games.

The final chapter in the Meridian Bet saga involves the site posting my name and email addresses onto the site for all users to see. This is a very serious breach of data protection and is a matter I will be pursuing with the Information Commissioner's Office.

In conclusion Meridian Bet have stolen my thirty pounds, they have not made any arrangements to refund my deposit money, they have alleged that the concerns I have raised are false and then posted my personal information on the internet to be accessed by members of the public.


posted on February 28, 2014.

no reply from meridian bet.sent two emails yesterday. but they claim to reply within 15minutes

posted on March 1, 2014.

at last nearly 7 weeks since ive joined this site ive had an email that says something other than its been sent to IT the problems fixed its asking for my bank details LOL like im going to give my bank to this site they would publish them for every one to see as they did with all my other personal details i told them to send a check they have all my details to do that lets see if i ever get my 30 pound check i will keep you posted and let you know if i get my money back

posted on March 3, 2014.

Dear Ms,

You did not respond to our customer support emails/requests, still in order

to return your £16.81 back to you, we need to verify your documents,

according to standard security procedure, so please send us your docs asap.

(read Terms & Conditions, it is in your best interest).

As soon as you start to cooperate with our customer support, your money

will be returned to you in less then 5 minutes.

All your claims in your posts are completely false.

If you rapidly increase number of characters in your posts, that does not

mean that your claims will be stronger, or that they can be substitute for

the facts.

Instead of answering to Meridian's customer support you have started to


This post has been made only because managers sent us kind


posted on March 3, 2014.

i did send one email saying send a check i havent sent you any spam emails i will not send you my passport LOL you broke your own TC when you put my private information on public view i dont trust you . i have proved that you are liars i have the screen shot the problems not fixed you would not return my 30 pounds now you say i have 16 pounds to come back so you want to charge me for spins that never finished send a check and stop saying ive spamed you i havent sent spam since posting my complaint so which part of my complaint is not true? all true every word i have no reason to make a false claim i havent won any money from you its you who has my 30 pounds and its taken weeks to get you to say i can have my own money back well half my money if you were a fair site you would have refunded my money in full after IT could not resolve the problem asking for ID TO GET MY OWN MONEY BACK people will judge this complaint as they see fit but mus point out once again i havent won any money I HAVE NO REASON TO MAKE FALSE COMPLAINT send a check for 30 pounds

posted on March 4, 2014.

sent you another email to day you have yet to reply

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