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Mega Casino - Refusing to honor withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Mega Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 510
Posted on July 20, 2016

I wish to complain in regards to the refusal to honor my winnings by megacasino.. I deposited on to the site last night. 33 euro and managed to complete the wagering on the bonus and withdraw 510.. I then received an email

Dear Lauren *******,

MegaCasino is happy to receive your Withdrawal Request. Below is a copy of your Withdrawal Request details and your transaction reference code. Please review it to make sure all the information is accurate and keep it for your records.

Withdrawal Amount: €510.00
Transaction Method: Withdraw
Transaction Reference Code: PW780711

I then received an email saying the withdrawl had been cancelled with no other explaination .. I contacted livehelp today and spoke to Olga.. she advised me that my account was self excluded on another site on the network" I asked her to provide evidence in to this statement but she said she had no further information.. I frequently close sites down that I am unhappy with but do not believe this should be held against me on another site.. Olga advised me that I was not self excluded on Megacasino

so basically advising me I was free to deposit but not to withdraw .

I only deposited due to receiving an email regarding a deposit bonus and did not expect just tactic to be used against me.. I have screen shots of my conversation with Olga if needed and confirmation of deposits and withdrawl..

I also wish to note that I am still receiving promotional emails from the site even after the withdrawl..

I wish to be clear that i am not excluded from this site and wish for a casino manager to honor my withdrawl...

I await your contact

Posted on July 23, 2016

Dear Lauren,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

Posted on July 24, 2016

As of yet Mega Casino have failed to respond to my above complaint. Only time I have heard from Mega Casino since the above complaint has just been them sending me promotional emails with deposit codes attached. I am eager to get this resolved and would be grateful if someone at Mega Casino could look into the above complaint for me.

Posted on July 24, 2016

I have found below response in my junk emails...

Hi Lauren,

My name is Boyana and I am a member of Customer Care Team.

I am contacting you regarding your account and withdrawal.

I completely understand your frustration in this matter, however kindly be informed that we have to follow the rules of our regulators when it comes to this.

We are responsible gambling company and it is very important for us to follow these guidelines.

Once again Lauren, I do understand the way you feel, however ultimately this is the only course of action we can take.

Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat with us live.


Megacasino Customer Support

I do not feel this is satisfactory so have responded....

Hello Boyana

Thanks for your response however you have failed to explain the situation in any way.

Could you please explain to me what this rule is your following? Olga on live help has previously explained to me that it is due to me blocking one of my other accounts on a different site. I advised her that I have closed gambling sites down in the past if I have not liked them but never before had this held against me on another site? Please could you provide me with proof/details or what this rule is, what the site is and when I supposedly did this?

Please could you explain to me how it is responsible of you to allow someone to deposit, play, win, withdraw and go a day thinking they have won 510 euros to then a day later send an email saying withdrawal has been cancelled with no explanation etc? You were continuing to advertise your site to me via emails with promo codes etc.

I eagerly await a response in regards to this.

Posted on July 25, 2016


This is the answer we received from Mega Casino support:

The customer in question has Self-Excluded from DrueckGlueck.com, which is under the same license as Megacasino.com. This Self Exclusion has been active since June 30th, 2016.

On 17th July 2016, she deposited on the MegaCasino.com account and as soon it was confirmed that it was the same person, the account was restricted, winnings voided and the deposit refunded.

These actions are in line with our terms and conditions under clause 20.3.2.

Furthermore, due to Remote Gaming Regulation clause 43, point 5, there is no other course of action available to us.

It's important to note that Self-exclusion is not something players should toy with, it’s a serious choice which we take very seriously and follow to the letter under the current rules of our License.

Hoe all is clear...

Prime Gaming

Posted on July 28, 2016

There has been emails to and from with Mega Casino however the complaint Is still on going and unresolved ... please see emails below (oldest first)

From Me:
I did not in fact self exclude what i had done was contact that site jn regards to closing that so would be interested for you to please prove that i self excluded? Can you please get a copy of chat log from that site to show me this? I know this will show i simply wanted to just close that account. If i do not like a site and wont play on it then I don't like keeping it open with my bank details on it. I should be able to close sites that i don't like without having it held against me on other sites.

I deposited on Mega Casino that night due to a promotional email, please explain how that is fair to send me the email, let me deposit, play and win and then say im self excluded. Also would you have returned my deposit if i had lost that night? I highly doubt it.

I look forward to hearing from you once you have gathered more information.

Mega Casino:
Dear Lauren,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email.

Our system indicates that you have indeed Self –Excluded yourself on 30/6/2017 at 08:13:27, GMT.

As for the chat log, I’m afraid that we do not have this as we are another casino, however, I am sure that if you check your emails, you will find communications from Drueck Glueck which would have your interactions with them documented. Following a Self –Exclusion, an email is always sent to a member to confirm the period, therefor you should have this either in your inbox or spam folder.

As for closing the accounts you want, we totally agree and as you are aware you are able to do this through our player limitation area at any time, however when choosing to close your account, there are implications and these are extensively described in our terms of use under the Player Limitation Facility.

As for the refund of your deposit, I can assure you that it would have taken place either way as we take such matters very seriously and follow to the letter these procedures, under the current rules of our License.

I hope that this has clarified the matter.

Best regards,

Customer Support Manager

I cannot find a self exclusion email because as previously stated i have never self excluded from that site. I suggest you prove this to me as i believe what you are telling me is incorrect.

Olga on live help the day after I requested the withdrawal confirmed to me I had no restrictions/self exclusions on your site, which being your site you will be able to see. You cannot claim this but then stop someone's withdrawal because clearly that is a restriction.

If I was self excluded (which im not) please could you explain how it is fair to continue to send promotional emails, allow deposits and allow me to play?

You have preciously stated it was only when i withdrew that you linked me to another account on another site. If this is the case and I had lost that night but not won then how would you have ever known I needed a return on my deposit? That just doesn't add up to me and feel im either being penalised for winning and wanting the money or that you are inaccurate in stating I would have got deposit money back even if didn't win.

Mega Casino:
Dear Lauren,

Thank you again for your response.

I can understand your frustration in this matter but I can assure you that the Self-Exclusion took place and that we have it well documented in our system. This has been thoroughly checked and may also be confirmed to you by DrueckGlueck.com.

Furthermore in your chat conversation with my colleague on 07/19/2016, she did expressively tell you that you were not self-excluded on your MegaCasino account,but on another account under the same license.

What we stated was that, upon confirming that the 2 accounts were by the same person, the account was restricted, winnings voided and deposit refunded, fully in line with our terms of use and regulator.

I understand that this may come across as unfair to you Lauren, however in the light of responsible gaming, this is ultimately the best course of action.

Once a self-exclusion has taken place, due to the Remote Gaming Regulation, there is no other option available for us. Reason to which your deposit would have been refunded either way.

Best regards,


Ok if you have the self exclusion well documented on your system you will have no problem in showing me this? I did not self exclude from that site, I shut the site down as I did not like it. If i try to log into that account on that site it doesn't allow me and this is because I closed it not self excluded.
So like I previously said if I hadn't have won that night and you checked my account for the withdrawal then how would you have known to refund my deposit? Seems a rather backwards way of doing things rather than to stop all lines to he account.

I still do not believe this is fair. I did not self exclude from that site and so far you have not been able to do or say anything in proof of what your saying. I closed an account because I didn't like a site, I then got a promotional email from u, deposited on your site, played and won on your site then when I try and withdraw I get email a day later saying withdrawal cancelled with no explanation as to why, making me then chase up what has happe d. What part of that is responsible and fair of you? Is it really responsible gaming to allow someone to do all of the above go a day thinking they had 510 euros on way back to them and then not even explain yourself in the email?

Mega Casino:
Dear Lauren,

Thank you for your email.

Please note that the only options that are available in the Player limitation facility of the cashier, are those represented in the screenshot that I have attached for your convenience.

These limitation options are the same for all casinos under the same license. As you will see, there is no options to simply shut down the site or anything else other than what is represented.

As the indications on the screen shot also show, you are indeed able to login to your account but you will not be able to either deposit, play in real money mode or receive promotional email.

You are able to login to any of your accounts under the same license and verify this information.

Lauren, I hope that this has clarified the matter for you as the decision of the casino is final and cannot be reversed under the rules of our regulator.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Customer Support Manager

I can appreciate that you have attached a screen shot but however it fails to meet my point. I did not self exclude I asked for that site to be shut down. As of yet you have failed to show me that the account has been self excluded. If you share same licence and can share info on me being self excluded then im sure you could share chat logs etc. These will clearly show that i did not self exclude, i did not ask to be self excluded, I asked for my account to be shur. Anything that's then been done has been done via your staff. Please show me and all on askgamblers the chat log as this will clearly show I am not in the wrong here.
I kindly suggest you get this situation looked into further before you email back again ignoring my point.

My last email back to Mega Casino was 26/07/16 at 10:20am, I await a response.

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