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Lucky247 Casino - Max Bet Infringement

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky247 Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount £ 500
Posted on September 10, 2015

I have an account with this casino and on the 22 Aug I deposited EUR20 - I never normally accept bonuses however in error I accepted EUR10 Bonus . I do not recall the Balance every been under E10 and once I was playing I got into bonus rounds and kept winning on all different games. I then proceeded to up the bet and again continued to win - at one stage the balance went up to E900 however when it got to E500 I requested a withdrawal. On the 03 Sept I received email from Casino - See text below

Acc: yerwoman2010

First off, we’d like to say thanks very much for playing here at Lucky247! It’s great to see you’re enjoying our awesome game selection. However, did you know that you may have unintentionally transgressed one of our Ts&Cs?

We’re specifically talking about the promotional condition no. 14, which states “Equal, zero, low margin or hedge betting will be construed as irregular game play for bonus wagering requirements.” As we said, this is probably an inadvertent infringement but it’s our job to keep you in the safe zone as a player! Click here to see the full Ts&Cs:


In your case, you exceeded the max bet of 20% of your gaming activity by wagering over 20% of the bonus you received.

This is calculated as the max stake = bonus x 0.2. In a nutshell, what you wager of in bonus credits cannot exceed what you wager in your regular casino credits.

It’s also our job to protect the rules and regulations of the casino, which means we are required to confiscate your cashin and return the original deposit and bonus by crediting them back to your gaming account.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, you’ll be able to play again knowing the gaming conditions! But please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this process.

Here’s to winning big,

The Lucky247 Support

My complaint is

I contacted them to discuss this and they said that they have established that the winnings that I won were because they gave me the E10 - now I do not recall the balance been lower than E10 so they cannot say that I won because they gave me E10
They refused to give me my transaction log so that I can verify this - and this is not available online. If I was to get my transactions I know it would be evident that the balance did not go below E10 so they cannot say that I won because of the 10 they gave me.

I have always declined bonuses however they told me on the phone that this was my 3rd deposit match bonus - this again does not make sense as i normally decline bonuses due to wagering requirements. In addition to this they said the only way i could decline bonus is by telephoning them and requesting this - on this phone call the 03 Sept he told me he would remove the Bonus option for me however I continue to receive emails about bonuses.

They explained that because I bet higher than 20% of the bonus i.e. I bet more than E2 they had right to cancel withdrawal.

At no stage did any warning come up to advise of this.

Also if this was my 3rd bonus match it does not make sense as when i first deposited with them i recall declining bonus and i made a withdrawal - therefore i don't think they should have applied a 3rd matched deposit.

They should have made this more clearer - I think it is extremely unfair for the casino to state that I won because of the E10 and that because i increased my bet they cancelled my withdrawal.

I would appreciate if this could be looked into

unfortuantely i cannot attach transaction history as they will not allow same or provide me with this information


Posted on September 10, 2015

hi Shirley,

Thank you for your post.

Firstly, please accept our apologies as we have reviewed the account and see that at no stage was this explained properly to you.

Secondly, regarding your gameplay, as a MicroGaming Casino, we offer a facility called playcheck whereby a player can review their own gameplay. On this note, we have checked your account thoroughly and our notes do not indicate any request from yourself regarding your gameplay. We believe had you queried this, our team will have responded with the above so that you would be able to view your transactions on your end.

With reference to your withdrawal, all withdrawals are reviewed against our terms and conditions, we do not have any warnings that pop up as upon registering an account, players are deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions which govern both the site as well as our promotional offers.

According to your gaming account, you have received a bonus on more than one occasion. It was only after the confiscation of your withdrawal and a conversation with one of our agents on 3rd September that you were removed from receiving bonuses to your gaming account. We were not able to find any notes other than on this date where you requested the removal of the bonus or indicated that you no longer wanted any bonuses on your account.

Upon further review of your withdrawal, it indeed was a max bet infringement whereby you as stated in your post, received a bonus of 10 credits. In line with our terms, a player may not wager more than 20% of the bonus amount issued to the account, that said, your wagers in your case, was not allowed to be more than 2 credits. During your review, you wagered 2.4 credits per spin leading up until the time you met wagering requirements.

We hope this post finds you well and if you would like to confirm the above, you may be able to login to your gaming account and review transactions for your gaming sessions: 3723281, 3723304, 3723351 and 3723414. These sessions cover all the transactions during the period where you infringed on the max bet rule.

warm regards,
Lucky247 Casino Support

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