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Mandarin Palace Casino changed the rules after claiming a bonus and won a lot of money

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Mandarin Palace Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Posted on May 16, 2014

On Thursday 1 december 2011 I claimed a bonus in free spins at Mandarin Palace Casino and won 102 euros from them, after i forfeited the bonus money i remained with 1,250 euros in my account,i submitted the withdraw for 1000 in the same day on Thursday, i must say that of course if i was able to forfeit the bonus all the wagering requirements were ok,i played only The Age of Spartans video slot, so after i submitted my ids, my national card of identification,my utility bill,my credit cards copies, i was told by email that i must provide a more recent utility bill, i don't know why because mine it was from this year with the same adress as in my national card id.That's the first excuse from them.Strange,after the 48 hours that you can make the reversal, i was still able to make the reversal for 10 euros,remaining to withdraw 990 euros,but the data changes and the 48 hours running again.Ok , i said, with a positive balance in my account of 15 thousand euros and a withdraw of 990 euros.Today,on sunday 4 december i opened an account with the same group of casino Genesys at Wizbet Casino.I made the account with the same email tantal­aus­ibo­[email protected]­ive.com but i wasn't able to log in.Second, i went to livechat and said that i have a pendind withdraw for 194134 and it said to me that i have to submit another utility bill more recent , the same excuse.Remember i had a positive balance of more that 15 thousand euros in my account after 7 or 8 hours of playing The Age of Spartans, just at one round i made from free spins like 3000 euros,very hot game at that point just playing on the maximum lines and bets, as the casino can confirm.Third i call in US from my cell phone from Romania at their number 8887936477 and i was told that can't give me my informations i want from my id code withdraw that their finance department are separate entity.Ok i said, i went to their live chat again and i was told that i was not able to withdraw any money from free bonus as i am from Romania ,that wasnot stated in the paragraph from where i claimed the bonus :

The € / £60 worth free spins ( 40 spins x $1.5 = $60 ) are assigned to video slot: Age of Spartans. $100 max. cashout - To players playing from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland and Greece a maximum withdrawal amount of $50 applies.

So i forfeited bonus of 102 euros, and i remained with a balance of 1,250 .nothing about max.cashout or something else. Clearly i had 1,250 euros in my account.Under cash.Then i submitted the withdraw for 1,000 euros.Then on saturday on my pending withdraw i reversed only 10 euros, although i had in my account 15 thousand euros.If i deposited or not that doesn't make sense that i cannot cash in from my free money.What's the point to give free money or free spins if you can't cashout .I can play in free mode if i wanted to without claiming free spins. This rule is strange and appeared after I submitted my withdrawal.Anyway Mandarin Palace owns me 16 thousands euros.And funny thing my name didn't appear on the list of recent winners although i had a top winning.What's next from them to say that i'm a bonus abuser.I do not believe a single thing that Mandarin Palace Casino will say unless pay fair my winnings.All are lame tactics of delaying the payments or not making at all.I don't spell names but all can read this i believe are casino players and i must say that at least one time in their life claim a free no deposit bonus to play and of course have their own conclusions.Fourth reason to doubt of the honesty of Mandarin Palace why says that my account email or password is invalid and doesn't simply reduce my account to nothing, instead of blocking me out.I really can't understand.

Posted on December 5, 2011

Good day to you Askgamblers.com,

Thank you for making us aware of the complaint and we look forward to assisting the Player with a full explanation which will be advised to him directly.

Dear Player,

We have reviewed your casino account and would like to offer a full explanation to you. Firstly as you are aware when you sign-up and register at any casino in the world you agree to the Terms and Conditions that the casino has in place for all it's Players. The Terms and Conditions are vitally important as they provide details of what the casino offers and assists Players in understanding what they can and can not do, what wagering requirements are in place, banking facilities and most importantly the rules governing the casino.

If you refer to our Terms and Conditions point 8.10.10 you would have noticed that the Casino has stipulated a list of countries where Players are not able to make any withdrawal on Free money offers. Romania is a country on that list and it can be viewed by going directly to the following link: http:/­/ww­w.g­ene­sys­clu­b.c­om/­en/­ter­ms_­&_­con­dit­ion­s.html

The rule reads as follows: 8.10.10 The following players are not eligible and may not claim any Free Welcome Bonus Offer from our casino (either by invite or via our website). Free Welcome Bonus Offers refers to any offer made by our casino or an affiliate that does not require a deposit (e.g. free cash to play at the casino or free spins). Should such an offer be claimed by any of these players, all winnings resulting from it will be made null and void: • Romania

When you sign-up you agree to be bound by the Casinos Terms and Conditions and as such you must comply with the rules. As a business these rules are in place for very sound reasons and are not updated as and when we decide to exclude certain Players. Please note it is not the responsibility of the Casino to remind you about our Terms and Conditions and to ensure that you have read through and understand them. It is your responsibility as a Player to read through all the fine print to know exactly what you are signing up for.

In your case you accepted a Free money offer from one of our affiliates. Now in regards to the offer there are Terms and Conditions attached to them as well which are linked to our Casinos. When you registered your casino account you had to tick the option to acknowledge accepting the Casino's Terms and Conditions. This is not put there to throw any obstacles in your way but serves as a legal basis to protect both you the Player as well as the Casino.

We can understand that you have won on the Free money offer however you are not eligible to make a withdrawal as you are bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore in point 10 Maximum Withdrawal the rule reads as follows:

Where a player has won using their first free money offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), a maximum withdrawal amount of £100 applies. To players playing from the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Greece a maximum withdrawal amount of £50 applies.

Only UK players can register with a GBP Currency, contraventions to this will result in a withdrawals being voided and the account in question being closed. All players must register an account with the correct currency for their respective countries. Failure to do so will result in any withdrawals being voided and the casino account closed.

Where a player has won using their second free money offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), no withdrawal will be permitted but the player will be able to claim these winnings as 100% deposit match bonuses for a period of 6 months from the date of their original win.

Players playing from Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia will not be permitted to make a withdrawal where they have won using a free money offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), but will be permitted to claim these winnings as 100% deposit match bonuses for a period of 6 months from the date of their original win.

A maximum of 1 withdrawal is permitted; where a player has won using a free money offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made). Players who have previously made deposits and have won using a free money offer/no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit was made), a maximum withdrawal amount of £100 applies.

Regardless if you were not from Romania, the basic Rule would still apply to you which is that the maximum withdrawal on any Free money offer where no deposit is made will be $/€/£100. Remember you have not deposited anything into the casino but rather received a free offer which is bound by very important Terms and Conditions.

Please feel free to visit the casino's Terms and Conditions to review what has been mentioned above. Your Casino account is currently available for you to play, however as you do not qualify for any withdrawal on a Free money offer the winnings have been confiscated by the Finance Team to provide you with a fresh start. You are welcome to make a deposit and receive a Welcome Match Bonus of 100% up to $200 and whatever you win from that you may withdraw the maximum.

Please feel free to contact us again for any questions or queries you may have, and thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Yours sincerely


Mandarin Palace - Senior Host

Posted on December 5, 2011

thanks for your quick reply.Indeed my casino account was unlocked,although the balance went straight to 0.

Posted on December 6, 2011

funny thing.after some hesitations,finally i decided to deposit into my account, i just went to log in a couple of minutes and my account is still locked although it was unlocked a couple of hours.I must say very strange.In my opinion this case is not at all closed.I want from the manager of the casino if it 's kind enough to provide me with their casino licence number there in Curacao.Thanks.His answer in first instance seemed ok,his behaviour right now it's not ok.This casino confiscated me 15,000 euros balance+ a pending withdraw of 990 euros.I will adress to the authority who give them their licence to see if they operate a legitimate business.

Posted on December 6, 2011

License Seal Services operating under our eGaming license are required to display our official seal.

The official seal provides the following:

* Assurance the company is complying with our jurisdictions technical compliance requirements

* Assurance due diligence requirements for the directors and shareholders of the company bearing our seal have met our requirements

* A live link will be provided to the Seal placed on the your web site. Companies operating in compliance will have the following text appear on the unique Seal for their company "OPERATING STATUS: VALID". Companies not operating in compliance will have the following displayed "OPERATING STATUS INVALID"

For Curaçao egaming licensing information or comments please contact us at: [email protected]­ura­cao­-eg­ami­ng.com .This is from Curacao egaming licensing site.All i want to know if mr.manager is kind enough to tell me the number of their Genesys Club in Curacao because this entity has to pay me 16,000 euros despite their t and c's .If they run a legitimate business and according to their t and c's there was no reason to lock my account.First of all when i forfeited the bonus i was left with a positive balance,if it was the case i should have had a negative one accordint to their t and c's.At this hour my casino account is again locked.

Posted on December 6, 2011

Dear Player,

Please be advised the Genesys Club and its casinos are a legitimate business who operate with honesty and transparency. All our valued Players who comply with our standard Terms and Conditions and who make withdrawals are paid on time every time.

We have a term used in the Casino industry called promotional abuse. Now after concluding our conversation yesterday the Risk Team completed a thorough investigation on your accounts and concluded that you had registered 223 duplicate accounts with our casinos in an attempt to claim Free money without ever making a single deposit at any of the 223 accounts you opened.

This constitutes serious promotional abuse and multiple account fraud. I would like to bring to your attention once again our Terms and Conditions point 3.3 which states the following:

3.3 You are only allowed to have one account at The Genesys Club and there are no costs associated with opening your account. The Genesys Club reserves the right to close all multiple accounts and, should management have reasonable grounds to suspect that the multiple accounts were opened with fraudulent intentions, we reserve the right to cancel any transaction related to the suspected fraud attempt.

You have violated the Terms and Conditions of our Casinos not once but 223 times, and you have not made any attempt to register a single card or deposit method to make a deposit. You made a withdrawal on a Free money offer and did not adhere to the Terms and Conditions of that offer which is clearly stated in the Terms, point 8.10.10 and point 10.

If there was a genuine attempt on your part to make a deposit with us and then initiate a withdrawal you certainly would have received all your winnings, however as this was not the case and the fact that as you are from Romania you are excluded from making any withdrawal on a Free money offer, you were not entitled to receive any part of the winnings.

Once again I would like to bring to your attention the following Term and Condition, point 7.8 which states the following: 7.8 The Genesys Club will not force you to honor any obligation other than what is provided for by our Terms and Conditions. Similarly you cannot force The Genesys Club to honor any obligation outside the parameters of our rules and regulations.

We trust that this will provide you with a better insight into the Terms and Conditions. As far as your account is concerned it has been closed as per our Risk Team as you have continued to violate our Terms and Conditions by registering multiple accounts. The Casino had to maintain it's security standards and abide by the very same Terms and Conditions by closing your accounts. We can appreciate that you may not be happy with this but it is the obligation of any good business to act with integrity and to uphold their values at all times.

Good day to you.

The Genesys Club

Posted on December 9, 2011

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence on behalf Mandarin Palace Casino management in regards of this complaint to confirm and justify the casino actions.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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