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Magic Red Casino - Approved cash out declined 36k


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Magic Red Casino


$ 36000

Posted on August 1, 2022

I sent this to Neogames, and Inspire. I can just leave the email as it was to fully explain my disturbing experience. I have full evidence, congratulations email, processing email, approval email and then declined, ya safe harm, letter banning me for 5 years ( I did nothing wrong ) my account deleted, locked out, stated they would like to come to a resolution but I was locked out, how could I.


My name is < full name removed >

I wanted to let you know of my client experience with Magic Red and your team that legally represents Aspire Global.

I have researched your company and read in detail your mission statement and your strategy with your associates. I think your organisation is leading the edge and a market leader in your field.

I have also read a number of reviews regarding the way in which Magic Red conduct business, not one was positive and mirrors my exact experience in detail.

I am at the highest level of my casinos, I am regarded as an elite VIP gaming member in both New Zealand and Australia as such I enjoy some great benefits, I am treated with respect, and I never have any issue with my winnings or cage management, line of credit - I know these casinos are regulated and follow strict regulations around money laundering, health and safety. I was understanding that your group partners are there too.

Prior to returning to NZ, I had a very successful Junket business that represented high wealth individuals- I was governed under different programs related to which casino I was inviting my junket clients, I was based in Vietnam but spent a large part of my time in Macau - not once did I ever compromise my clients, confidentiality, privacy, I managed all aspect of payment, program, incentives, for all of my clients - this was only brick and mortar...

Back to my experience with Magic Red. An associate of my business that has strategic dealing with your organisation so suggested I should have a play, he said disregard the negative comments.

I started to play and lucky times, I had a balance of $36k which I proceeded to cash out, not a problem said the team, please provide verification of payment, passport, DL, and proof of address and we will start to process your winning- they said congratulations.. and put this in writing - I was excited as this would enable my wife not to be so worried about losing her employment with the pandemic... which has been horrible for the whole world, I showed my wife and my friends the winnings and the pending payment - I watch as it went to approved - I thought this casino is 100% legitimate.

This is something that all the comments say and happened to me, all of a sudden I received an email to say my winnings and cash out has been declined - due to wagger and policy - not once did I have that communication before, as the comments read, this is exactly the same process in the feedback- my winnings disappeared and my account was returned to the first payment, then I received another email, that was just a standard format email, the section where a name should have been had ( name ) the email processing to say that they are reaching out, because I have a gambling problem, and advised that all accounts where self-excluded for 5 years - still zero communication about my winnings.

Firstly this is not true and is defamatory in every respect. I discussed the email and my representation, also my professionalism and morals and ethics.

Secondly, the New Zealand police turned up at my door because a representative of your company called to advise me I was going to self-harm myself, as you could understand that was very embarrassing and put my name in disrepute, and my company.

Every feedback says this is exactly the way that Magic Red deals with winnings. declined, standard format letter and they locked you out of all affiliated casinos the outcome is your winnings are gone forever.. with no recourse. In the standard letter is details that we would like to come to a resolution to your issue - how can it be resolved if you are locked out

I thought long and hard about how to address it but thought I would firstly detail my concern to the ownership company, which is regarded highly and respected globally in the online gaming community.

I personally thought that you would want to hear my client experience- I was hopeful that you would rectify the situation because I’m sure you do not encourage this management, I would hope management of the casinos are not rewarded for declining winnings or activity part of there KPIs - I would be saddened but also worried about the online community and your reputation.

As part of my involvement with the gaming industry, I participate in the group leadership team in both New Zealand and Australia with implementing the new money laundering regulations.. we actively encourage casino clients to participate in the online experience, especially with Covid and lockdown - we see this as committing / managing our high wealth individuals during this time, we don’t in any way encourage gambling or even advertise in New Zealand or Australia.

One area we were actively involved in was the money laundering in James Packers Sydney casino, this set the benchmark for the new gambling regulations.

I know I am a nobody, and that my client experience does not matter or even warrant correcting, in good faith I played and enjoy your online casino, my sincere disappointment was the cashout experience- legally I won my winnings.

I hope you would take a moment to read my email, then just send it to your legal team because I am a nobody in your highly, successful global business but would please reach out and ask for your help.

I have attached my congratulations email, and my process of verification, my understanding was this was just being processed for release ( even a member in the chat online, said please be patient, 48 hours is the normal process timeframe and congratulations.

I’m just trying to for once you would support my thirty six thousand dollars winning - $36k

If I don’t hear from you... I guess I just have to accept the situation.

Thank you for your time

So saddened my this outcome

Your sincerely

< full name removed >

Posted on August 3, 2022

Dear Magic Red Casino,

Please let us know if there are any updates regarding this ongoing complaint.

Please note that, in case you fail to respond within the given timeframe, we will consider your case unresolved and it will be closed accordingly. As a direct consequence of such closure, the operator's ranking score on AskGamblers will be decreased accordingly.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.